THK Episode 3

In Episode 3, the audience gets a look at The Hopper Kids at the kitchen table. From Judah’s priceless cereal destruction and hilarious “foo-foo,” to Eva and Luik leading the Dutch Blitz charge, only a trip outside into the snow gives daddy enough time to keep up with their messes. ch:

  • the cutest! love them.

  • Billy Jepma

    Man I love these. There so fun to watch dude. Thanks so much for sharing. Loved seeing Judah so fascinated with that piece of tape. I could see it in his face: sheer concentration. 🙂

    • I know, then I love how he thinks he throws it but it just falls off his fingers without him knowing it! lol

  • Great video!! oh the mess and the fun…..

  • Tooooo cute guys, just wanna kiss them!!!



  • stephanie strickland

    I love it Christopher. what beautiful children you have. My three yearold watched it with me. She kept saying she loved Judah. It was too cute.

    I found Hillary on Facebook today and thought it was Natalie. then I reread and realized I was looking at Hillary. I couldn’t believe. She is gorgeous and all grown up.

    i love the video. I am so hesitant about putting my kids pictures on line. Guess I’m old school that way.

    • Awe thanks!

      Yes, proud of both my gorgeous sisters: Nat in Charlotte, Hilly in SanFran.

      I guess our fam leads such a public lifestyle it was an easy jump to do these. It also gives us yet one more platform to promote family from.

      …that and we live on a one lane dirt road in the middle of nowhere and own guns.

      • Billy Jepma

        LOL! My parents are the same, they should take some advice form you guys!! Soo funny, you rock CH!

      • Erica

        Do you guys really have any guns?

  • CK: These videos make my day! Thank you. Kiss em’ for me, and especially your sweet Jenny.

    • Aw, we love you Daddy. Thanks for your comments. The kids are waving to you on the computer!

  • It was a pleasure meeting the Hopper children in person on Thursday. I recognize them from the start after the “Baby in the Box” premier showing at New Life Church a few weeks ago. By the way, Judah probably spilled all the cereal on the table to get your attention to the fact that on New Life’s Staff website his name isn’t mentioned. 🙂 I am praying for a girl for you and Jennifer as I am pretty sure that Eva is going to need some support!

    • Thanks Theresa! It was great meeting you, too. Hope you enjoyed service today as well; saw you from a distance. And thanks for the headsup on the church website…fixing it now!