The Hopper Kids Debut

Jennifer and I believe in family.

We believe in it because God made it.

And it’s supposed to be fun.

So here’s our small contribution to promoting one of life’s best inventions.

We give you our new YouTube series: The Hopper Kids.


  • Leah

    Love it!!! Too cute you guys =)

  • Jason Zoll

    hahaha. this is amazing. kids do the greatest things sometimes. lol.

  • Bubba, this is SO cute!!!! I was cracking up the entire time and watched it several times. I love the part where Jenny says “Serves them right!” ha.

  • Auggie

    Aww.. judah… so cute!!

  • Leah

    love it! Way too cute =)

  • Watched, loved, liked (on FB), subscribed and shared. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! I love it! I miss you guys so much! It was wonderful seeing your faces! 🙂

    • All feelings mutual! Hopefully this series brings us closer to you! You’re the best!

  • Pop Pop

    OMG!! Memories/memories/memories!!!!”You should love how my mind is,the things that I do, and the messes I make!!” This is so great!!! Love the kids! Love JPK, and love the Hopper Kids logo!!! Love the messes he makes….Thank you!! Keep em coming…daddy

    • You betcha’ Daddy-Man! Yep, these messes are pretty astounding! Love and miss you. Soon you’ll be here to experiance them first hand. 😉

  • Marcia

    This was so funny! Can’t wait to see more.

    • Thanks Marcia! I have enough footage in one week for about 20 episodes!

  • Billy Jepma

    Man that just made my morning! Thanks a ton for sharing with us dude. So cute, and the Soviet Union Coin! LOL! Hilarious!!! 🙂 “Serves them right” LOL!

  • Jeff Krajna

    Good stuff you guys….

  • Autumn Nesbitt

    haha that little trouble maker! so cute.

  • Julia Sinclair

    Awesome! So cute. Can’t wait to see some more family footage. =)

  • Michelle Fellows

    That is so cute. Keep the videos coming. can’t wait to see more.

  • Chris

    I have a feeling this video will haunt Judah when he becomes a teenager 😛

    • Ha ha I have a feeling the truly haunting portions haven’t even been released yet…but they will!

  • Samantha

    Haa this is great! I am looking forward to seeing more! This encourages me about the prospect of having kids someday…it can look like a burden to me sometimes, and honestly the thought of it at the moment freaks me out, but I know there are blessings along with it…and sometimes it’s inevitable LOL!

    • It’s interesting, I don’t have a HUGE amount of grace for other peoples’ kids all the time, but you always do for your own. God designs it that way I think. 😉 You’ll be an awesome Mom, Sam.