New Life “Two Services” Video

For a great read on why we’re going to two services, and why we’d like even more, read I Hate People here.

It’s always a challenge to be creative on the fly. And even more so when your own standards of excellence are high.

Last night New Life’s Board decided to bump up our March 20th move to two services on a Sunday to March 6th. As a result, that meant that advertising for the church-wide change has to start this coming Sunday.


So this morning I grabbed the Canon T2i, my trusty 18-200mm, Manfrotto tripod, three Dibor students, and one staff member. We set up in LIFEtown using the ambient light from two windows combined with the ceiling fluorescents (no time to set up the light rig). Props were two cube footstools.

We talked through the idea first, centering around the two cubes representing the available space for a given service time, laughed over different ideas, then blocked out each half of the skit. I shot two takes of the first half (up until Costa’s “bright idea”), and two takes of the second half.

I did a quick import directly from the SD card into my MacBook Pro, then cut up the clips in iMovie. Then in GarageBand I edited a sound track using stock, royalty-free loops and dropped it in. I left enough black space for typography, then exported as .mov file.

From there I added all the text in AfterEffects, made a simple grunge frame for some spice in PhotoShop, and rendered. The result is a fun little spot under 60 seconds which lets our church family know about the change. Total work time including a lunch break, bathroom break, and two impromptu meetings?

3 hours, 50 minutes.


The Two Service Deal from Grandath Films on Vimeo.

  • Mark

    That is great news! Always great to hear that there is a need for more space/new service times! God is good!

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  • reenie

    Y’all did a great Job!!!!! (The south hasn’t completly left my vocab ) Love to you We will be at the 9 AM service – hope to see you there!

    • Y’all done good pickin’ a service already! See ya’ then, par’dner!

  • John

    Great effective video man!

  • Hey man, this is cool. You should do a sequel in the parking lot where it’s like Toyko Drift to get a spot. If you need a driver … let me know 🙂

  • pastor bob

    cool, groovy, really dig it

  • Heidi Harris

    Love it!

  • Michael Hensley

    Just a thought to ponder. Our church has done two services for years. We do ours at 9 and 11:30. Normally, first service finishes around 10:30. We have a fellowship hour between services in the hall downstairs replete with bagels, coffee, juice, etc. Mostly this is to ensure that those who want to, never have to lose fellowship with those crazies that get up at 7:30 on a Sunday to go to church.

    Hmmm, imagine which service I attend!?!

    Love ya CH!!

    • Love that format! Very nice.

      And I’m guessing you’d be the Saturday night service, you rebel.