Guitar Makeover

I decided to ask my three favorite artists to redesign my touring electric, one of the two I played on “Heaven Meets Earth.” Now I have a one-of-a-kind piece that’s not only super cool, but it reminds me of my beautiful children whenever I play.

Another benefit is the amazing name. “Rock Star Super Kah-Cha.” All their invention.

Watch the process and smile. ch:

Guitar Home Makeover (Extreme) from Grandath Films on Vimeo.

  • Leah Stockholm

    Love it! So creative and so much talent πŸ™‚

  • Awesome video mate! Such a good idea! Great to see your kids getting involved in your passions…sign of a good dad, right there!

  • Dude, you need a bigger pic of the finished guitar. It looks cool in the header, but what about a blow up?

  • tam

    seriously, cool!

    kiddo’s will remember this forever. way to go, dad!

  • August Dawn!

    Totally Awesome!!! Love it!

  • heidi harris

    Awesome! That is a really neat idea! Matt has an old electric he should let our kids do that with, I dont think he would let them repaint his new prs…
    I LOVE it! You and Jenny are fantastic parents!

    • I think Matt should have them create some sort of iron monstrosity and affix it to the axe. (PRS? Oooooo!)

  • That IS AWESOME!!! πŸ™‚

    I Love it!


  • Jeremy

    Ha this is awesome! Great video!!! You’re the best!!

  • Joshua Coffie

    Dude… Awesome. Nothing else I can say about it. πŸ™‚

    • I’ll let you play her when you come back, how’ that? Miss you bro.

  • Dude… what a great great idea!! Plus it looks like they had an awesome time doing it. I am sure it will be one of those memories that they will always remember doing with you.

    And the end result turned to be awesome. very very cool.

    • I sure hope they remember it! ‘Cause I had a lot of fun watching them come up with it. Thanks bro!

  • Rebekah Berthet

    This is awesome and I love it! πŸ™‚

    • We’ll hook your kids up with the same project…in 9 months. πŸ˜‰

      • (Infants can paint, right?)

        • Rebekah Berthet

          HAHA! Somehow I don’t think my infant* will be able to paint..neither of its parents can paint!

          *No, I am not having a child in 9 months..

  • So so awesome and cute! One of a kind guitar right there made by the sweetest little hands. πŸ™‚

    • Sweet little hands indeed! Did you see Looly’s little fingers on the screw driver? So cute.

  • Billy. J

    Dude that’s so sweet!! Who knew your kids where such artists!? I wonder who they get it from…? πŸ™‚

  • reenie

    Christopher that is a beautiful guitar – but more treasured because of the memories it will invoke for you years from now when Eva , Luik and Judah are in their teen years ! Love the idea of taking a piece of home with you wherever you go !!!! Love to the Hoppers!

    • Aww, thanks! Yeah, I’m pretty stoked to have “them with me” as we travel. Means the world.

  • Carlton

    Simply Brilliant. I bet it sounds ten times better to you now also.

  • Daddy

    CK:HeHeHe! Yes,here is another original “Hopper”project for sure..runs in the family..I love how Luik reminds me of you, exactly, at that age.You did it the exact same way!!!And Emae and Judah,well…too cute.Thank you for such a good job (on film) for sharing… I love you,son. daddy

    • I know! I love his little fingers! I was thinking about that the whole time he was putting things back together to me. Love you Daddy!

  • Dawn

    sooo sweet πŸ™‚

  • Michelle

    Ooohhhhhhh what a piece of art! I think this could be the start of a trend. . .I think EVERY father who goes on tour should have his kids awesome-ize his guitar.

  • Way fun guitar, Chris! And I like the name, too!

  • Joni

    Oh my gosh, where has the time flown??
    I remember your blogs when you got engaged, married and then were expecting blessing #1.

    Your children are gorgeous! I wonder who they take after???
    Just kidding! Congratulations on the new CD release and have a great time rocking The Father’s House.

    I’ve enjoyed your music since I first saw and met you at The Lighthouse in Mexico, NY. At Joshua Revolution and then when you performed at my now home church, Abundant Life Christan Center in East Syracuse.I love the way you are so approachable for your fans and that you keep it real and stay connected.

    I will keep you in prayer for safe travels and that God continues to Bless your Ministry for HIS Glory!!

    xo Joni from Fayetteville, NY

  • Hey Chris!

    Best guitar ever! What kind of paints did your kids use and how did you seal it? I’m going to have my kids do that with the Epiphone Wilshire guitar I just ordered.

    • Oh I’m happy for you! It was so much fun; such a memory maker.

      I went to the craft store (Michael’s) and bought a set of acrylic craft pants. Nothing fancy. Just colors I was leaning toward. Mine were actually “metallic.” Just thought it’d look cool.

      I also decided that I wanted my own base coat. So I sprayed the body yellow and the headstock block. You can stri the guitar down for the “real thing,” but I just went right over the original finish due to time.

      When the base coats were dry (about 3 coats, 24 hrs), I let the kids have at it. Let dry another day. Then finished with a combination of spray on and paint on lacquers.

      Would love to see pics of your process!