Apple Baby

Judah Hopper Apple MacBook Pro

Judah Hopper Apple MacBook Pro

Judah Hopper Apple MacBook Pro

I got up from the couch and ran upstairs to get something from our room. I was gone no more than 60 seconds. When I returned, Judah had assumed my position. And was quite proud of himself, typing away on some time-sensitive project. I snapped a few pictures. Then he was done. He slid the laptop gently aside and got off the couch.

Apple, eat your heart out. ch:

  • DLouisa

    I could chew on him he is sooooo adorable!!

  • He has good taste in computers. 🙂


  • Cathrine Lata

    Thanks for this adorable picture. It was truly needed on a day like today.


    • My kids have a tendency to brighten my day as well; glad we could share that with you. My broken heart needed it, too.

  • Miriam Woodruff

    Bubba, You are TRUELY blessed in the kid department. Well…. actually in every department! I love you my Bro.

    Get Apple to buy it with the caption…. It’s never too early to learn. Judah can have his own Mac. :0)

  • Nathan R.

    Maybe he was buying me one 🙂