The morning was filled with lots of laughter, recounting memories, and fond goodbyes as Gabi & Andy left for the airport (Gabi to Madagascar, then Reunion Island for meetings; Andy, back to Yorkshire, England), and Marie-Elise “Momma” drove back to northern France.

The afternoon was restful, including a powerful time of life-changing prayer with Sylvain & Line over Jennifer and I. The late afternoon included a splendid coffee with Mélanie and her incredible family (“Excuse me, I ordered the large cappuccino, hello?”), and then a trip to visit the YWAM Publishing offices in Yvderon with Sylvain. Pretty extraordinary to stand in a places that Lauren Cunnginham helped pioneer 40 years ago, and that have touched the world. In the evening I preached at Interjeunes in Yverdon and challenged them to win 300 souls in one year (1% of their city’s population).

Today (day 9) Jennifer and I are doing nothing but lounging around and enjoying the Freymond family company. It’s an overcast and damp day, perfect for reading, watching videos on the laptops, and drinking tea (or coffee!). We leave for Geneva at 6am and are looking forward to reuniting with our children.

This has truly been an unforgettable, life-changeing week; I count it a gift and privilege from the Lord to undertake such a project. The fact that I live like a king is brought to my attention daily, and I only pray I’m faithful enough to steward the responsibilities it carries. Thanks for your love and prayers. We make the music for the people, we take the stage for the King. ch:


wayne thomas batson · 25 Sep ’10 at 10:02 am

Whoa, dude, please tell me you didn’t actually use that gigantor coffee cup. Looks like potential caffeine overdose! Rofl-Spew!

    Christopher Hopper · 25 Sep ’10 at 12:17 pm

    Did I mention I haven’t slept in over 49 hours?

Mélaniiiiiie =) · 20 Oct ’10 at 4:43 am

haha….thank you so much by the way for have come and actually drank that coffee with us!!=0P
It was great and a lot of fun!!Can’t wait for explosion camp!!!
see ya later

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