Our last day in the studio. And what a day it was.

After being allowed to sleep in to 8:20am (much needed!), we dove into the song I was dreading most: Honor & Glory. Those at the live recording in January remember it as the “megaphone song.” Spoken word is hard enough in English, let alone in French. And I had been insisting that Rolf Schnieder, the translator, perform it on the CD; but he insisted I could execute it.

And I did. With major help (sometimes punching individual words) from Producer/Engineer Gabi and tons of coaching. We got more than a few hilarious clips of video which we’ll be assembling later on as part of our HD studio recap reel.

The final two songs were all Jennifer, and I’m so proud of her. What a hard worker. And her voice was meant to sing French, even though she’ll argue otherwise.

The highlight, by far, was watching Jenny play the “Cor des Alpes” (believe it or not, she played tuba in high school), followed closely by an impromptu broadway production of Mary Poppins Meets The Sound of Music dance duet with Andy and Jenny. (You’ll have to wait for the video reel).

The night finished off with some “group singing” (to account for the live audience segments done in English that needed to be redone “en Francais”) including special guests Marie-Elise Fernandez, and Jean-Marc & Edmée Bigler (one of the most noteworthy couples in ministry in Switzerland). As they shouted “me fait crier” (the “makes me shout out” line of This Is The Day), Jean-Marc took it literally and, at nearly 80 years old, let out a thunderous, impromptu roar after the phrase. We all fell over with laughter, and he loved the attention.

Tomorrow the team will part ways as the week comes to a close. ch:


Aline Tripet · 24 Sep ’10 at 6:25 pm

I’m hugely impressed with Jenny playing the “Cor des Alpes”!! Look forward to watch the video. Hope your evening went well with the youth group. Blessings.

    Christopher Hopper · 25 Sep ’10 at 6:08 am

    She’s pretty amazing indeed! I know I was blown away!

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