Lots of hard work today; another 4 songs produced. But it was time well spent as upstairs the chefs (Marie-Elis & Lynne) were preparing one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, bar none. I think it’s the first time in my life that I’d had “fourths.” And unlike the US where dinner is our big meal, it’s lunch here.

Peas sautéed in onions and garlic (grown about 100-meters away), Yukon yellow potatoes baked in rosemary and oil (grown about 150-meters away), and steak oven-cooked in an enclosure of basil, white curry, paprika, garlic, butter and fresh cream (all dairy & beef taken from the family farm 200-meters away), apples baked in white white and topped with cinnamon, completed with a ’98 Cote du Rhone brought in from France by Marie-Elise. Coffee and chocolate for la finale. Seriously, everyone should have an “experience gastronomique” like this. Be forewarned however: it ruins you for life.

Tomorrow we have 2 songs to finish, and then my arch nemesis: French rap. (They’re bringing in a coach to help me!). ch:

PS :: The picture of the tomatoes (capris) is original and unaffected.


August Dawn! · 23 Sep ’10 at 6:37 am

Holy Yum!!!
Beautiful pictures! can’t wait to hear the cd!

    Christopher Hopper · 23 Sep ’10 at 9:20 am

    Thanks August! It’s been fun taking pictures and recording for sure. Looking forward to editing and recap reel. Thanks for stopping by!

Patrick Bigler · 23 Sep ’10 at 9:33 am

Enjoy Swiss way of life 🙂 tell Marie-Elise I miss her! Tell hi to your wife and everyone!
Love you guys!

    Christopher Hopper · 23 Sep ’10 at 9:57 am

    The Swiss way of life indeed! WOW! I’ll please your greetings on for sure. Thanks bro!

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