Barbie Rock Band

I knocked on Eva’s door.

“What’cha doing Cho?”

[Pokes her head out the door].

“Nothing Dad.” [Big grin]

[Dad pokes his head in the door].

I’m able to hold still long enough to take this picture of her Barbie Rock Band outfits. When Luik brings in his addition (below), I lose it completely. My face still hurts from laughing.

KISS would be proud (and most likely ask them to open for them). ch:

  • joanne nesbitt

    wow,Iam proud to see my grandchildren understand the dark side of rock music…remember eva and luik jesus is the rock…i love you.. g jo jo

  • Amber Nesbitt

    Wow. I can’t stop laughing! Barbie Rock Band! Christopher, maybe you could design a new crew for the Game Rock Band. The Cho & Lui inspired Barbie Rockers!!

  • reenie

    I see that tinkerbell’s head is on snow white’s body, very interesting!!!!!! New age stuff? or nothing new under the sun???? lol too funny!!!!!

  • It’s better that they did this to Eva’s Barbies rather then each other!lol I think you should really be careful to hid your scissors because I think that’s the next phase behind this one. My sister had to wear a hat for over a year to let her hair grow out when she hit that phase! lol

  • Oh my goodness! This had me laughing so hard, my cheeks hurts! So cute!

  • Baby Autumn

    so funny! who knows what they will do next… paint daddy’s face maybe? jk

  • Billy.J

    That’s the best!The things kids will think of. I’m amazed that that used to be me ten to eight years ago. Feels like such a long time… 🙂

  • Yer’ all awesome. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the mayhem with me!

  • abby

    So funny! Can’t stop laughing!