• Very, very cool.

    • Thanks Matt. I love what these guys had to say and their honesty. Hope it inspires other young people to be transparent. Seems to be a theme here lately!

  • Well I loved it 🙂 Very inspiring. Every time I hear about Dibor something in me gets excited to like….change the world or something LOL

  • Julie Ehrentraut

    You did a great job on the promo. Keep up the awesome work!!

  • Philip

    The video is excellent! Really, really good – not too long not too short. Good music, good content. Good camera work. Further, the school itself sounds great!

    • Thanks Philip. I was wondering if it was too long. But knew I needed to make sure there was enough meaningful content to get the message across. Testimonies are not short things.

  • CH – Very neat to see the next crop of disciples from Dibor getting released to go and get ’em. Talk about it being a garden of fruit, harvested, released. Awesome. Hope the furnace up there in Watertown burns huge, refining, defining, and establishing His Kingdom. Awesome stuff!

    • Hey thanks for your encouragement, Jay! Love co-laboring with you from afar, even if we only see each other once a year. You rock bro.

  • Great Video, Christopher. Impressive testimony and great presentation!