Media Fast

I’m learning the art of not only unplugging, but making it a lifestyle. After hearing Michael Tyrrell‘s message last night on Noise Pollution in our spiritual life, I immediately felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to shut off the social media outlets of my life for ten days. It felt so right. I get tired of my reliance on this technology. ch:

  • I am with you. As I understand many great men before us did just fine and could hear by Holy Spirit without all the static. I too shall take a Selah from Babylonian data streaming. It just pollutes. I know I am a son to the One who can help me do all things without having to google it.

  • Billy.J

    Man. You rock at this!!! I do admit, its an incredibly smart, wise decision. Wish I could do this. But there isn’t actually any reason for me too. If God truly led me to, then hello bookshelf!! 🙂

  • @ Billy J… maybe that is the actual reason to do it… because their is no reason. Maybe it’s just an intimacy thing to grow closer to the Lord. Just a thought. Enjoy the rest ch: see ya on the flip, that is if I am around :).

  • John

    Hey man I know you are on this fast, but I just saw on the borders website for Watertown, that you will be there doing the Double Dog Dare reading challenge. Well I just thought that it is very cool. And very great to see you on the site. Cya


  • Nina

    Hi – The video is absolutely penetrating – love it!