Epidsode 1: “Picnic @ 40 Degrees-F”

I’m pleased to present the first installment of a new gritty reality TV series called “The Adventures of The Cho & The Goo.” It’s raw, in your face footage of two sub-humanoid lifeforms and their high intensity adventures.

This first video is called “Picnic @ 40 Degrees-F”, and includes hard core footage of a recent outdoors biking and gratuitous easting adventure of the dynamic duo, complete with soundtrack, all at 40 degrees Fahrenheit on a windy northern NY afternoon in March. Viewer discretion advised. ch:

[*Warning: The producer strongly suggests the use of helmets. These drivers are trained professionals. Please do not attempt this at home.]

  • Leah Stockholm

    WOW! I am totally loving this new series 🙂 Really blessed me!

  • Nathan R.

    Very cool! love it.

  • Billy.J

    LOL! Dude that’s sooo awesome! Can’t wait for the rest of this intensif9ed thriller of a series! I was biting my nails and shaking unceasingly. There might have been a few droplets, of, I’ll be right back, time for a diaper change!!!! LOL! You guys ROCK CH!


  • Awesomeness! They are great.

  • Millard


    That was almost too intense for me 😐 O_O They really should be payed alot for what they do 🙂

  • mommy jojo

    I as their grandma loved it,make more! love you,most wonderful son-in law in the whole world…….

  • mommy jojo

    oh maybe you could strap Judah to one of their backs…..don’t you dare..

  • Amber Nesbitt

    Thats great! I had to see it because the woman who posted above me was raving about it!! 🙂 what talent! I think I laughed most of the way through it. Intense music for intense lil’ ones. We know that is true.

  • Rebekah Berthet

    Hahaha..just finally had a chance to sit and watch this..LOVE when Eva spits..she’s got a good little spitter on her! 🙂 And the stale licorice part was pretty funny too…nice! 🙂

  • Samantha

    This is really cute and pretty rad!