BASIC 20TEN highlight reel

Here are a few highlights from ch:b’s time at the BASIC Conference this past weekend in Syracuse, NY. Especially memorable was the surprise privilege of baptizing my baby sister, Hillary, who unexpectedly showed up. I love you Snarph. ch:

  • TiA

    AWWW!!! Glad to hear about you sister Chris!!!

  • Rachel

    That was a beautiful video!
    Thank you for all you did to make the weekend a success!
    God sparked His passion in so many college students (myself included)! Thank you so much for your ministry! 😀

  • Billy.J

    Great video dude! You guys could easily pull of a TV sitcom! LOL! I can picture it now,”Rockin’ tunes with Christians gone Crazy!” It would be a for sure hit! I know I would be watching it, if not in it! Love ya guys! Congrats on your baby sis, I can only imagine what that must’ve been like! Much love,

    Billy. J