Bath Food Anyone?

Am I supposed to eat this? Is this a new food-service industry? Brand slogan: “Economizing your work day by providing bath soap that doubles as a nutritious breakfast!” Even the little wrapper it came in felt more like granola bar packaging than body soap. (It was body soap I rubbed all over me, right?).

Could this be another shampoo series? ch:

(Why the hotel soap post today? I’m staying in the beautiful Lackawanna Station Hotel for my annual Writer’s Gettaway with friend and co-author, Wayne Thomas Batson).

  • ROFL Like, for real? Eat soap… >_> Whoa.

    • I didn’t try, but rubbing food all over me in the shower seems awesome. lol

  • That bath bar sounds delicious. Good thing it doesn’t have vanilla either or else I’d have to give it a bite.

  • Billy.J

    That’s crazy! I know its bath soap, but it sure doesn’t sound like it. LOL! 🙂 I sure hope its not another shampoo series, you’ve been scarred enough!

  • Millard

    Wow………..AWESOME!!!! XDXDXD Tell me how it tastes CH 😀