One of the biggest challenges of a leader is not only making sure you are progressing forward but to make sure the people you lead are progressing forward as well.  We all have a comfort zone where we work best.  In fact, we are wired to crave the norm of the comfort zone.  But, if left alone, people will remain in the predictable patterns that keep them in a zone of the norm.

That’s why as a leader your job is to push people to continue to break out of their comfort zone.  It is to help them demolish walls so that they will continue to progress forward in their life as well as the life of the organization you lead.

If you aren’t growing…you’re sitting still.  Anything sitting still long enough ultimately dies.  Therefore an organization that is not pushing through the patterns of the status quo will only reach a point of paralyzing progress.

Something New – Have your people attempt something that you know will stretch them.  Something they may have never done before.  Challenge your whole team to a project that will draw them together push them.

Stretch – No matter what, the challenge should always be out to your leaders and teams to do thinks out of their comfort zone so that the uncomfortable become comfortable.

Small Wins – Start with some small achievable goals your leaders or team could get some quick success in.  As they gain confidence in the wins you will see that E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N of their comfort zone continue to break into bigger wins.

If you want different results you’ve got to be willing to try something you’ve never tried before.  As a leader it is your role to continue to push people out of their comfort zones so they will continue to see progress in all they do.

What is one thing you need to break your team or yourself out of?


– @JasonCurlee blogs at and is all about influencing and developing others to make a difference in their world. He is currently a Campus Pastor for Bay Area Fellowship in Corpus Christi, Texas. His blogs are about creating content that ministry leaders can find practical and inspirational as well as sharing the ministry principles and experiences accumulated since 1995. It’s about being innovative, unique, and creating content that can help you make a difference.


Sam · 6 Feb ’10 at 1:18 am

Great Post CH. I am checking out that guys site as well.

Billy Jepma · 6 Feb ’10 at 9:59 am

Nice stuff, very nice stuff. 100% true. 🙂

Leah Stockholm · 8 Feb ’10 at 4:08 pm

Thank you! This is Awesome and really opened my eyes, very grateful!

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