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The School of Worship in Yverdon continued Wednesday with the completion of my first series on Born to be Glorious. It is always a challenging message, as often the Christian world teaches us to be humble. And that’s it. We never teach people what the reward for humility is: glory (1 Peter 5:5-6, James 4:10). To be awesome. To rock. Here on earth, not just in heaven. Thus allowing the most brilliant people in the world to be brilliant, the most creative people, creative, the most beautiful, beautiful. And as a result? The nations come to us (Isa. 55, 60). We must stop sabotaging God’s plan to attract the nations, and start being glorious again!

house of prayer

After lunch, everyone headed over to the House of Prayer, a beautiful home that YWAM purchased for the specific purpose of continual prayer and worship. Our 2-hour watch was powerful, and spent praying and prophesying over the city, the nation, and for the church & lost alike. In most settings, as a worship leader you need a few minutes to “find the river” and engage in worship; but here, it was like jumping in with the first notes. While the Holy Spirit doesn’t dwell in temples made by the hands of man, buildings do seem to have memories. And this building has been prayed in enough for it to remember the presence of the Lord.

Jennifer and I spent the evening with Sylvain & Lynn Freymond and family, the directors of YWAM here. They are very dear friends, and their hilltop home overlooking the Alps was just too beautiful. Of course, no visit to the countryside would be complete without seeing some cows, so we dropped in on Grandpa Jean-Marc to see his award winning cows (awards pictured at top). And the most peculiar thing? They are much larger than American cows.

Go figure. ch:


Billy.J · 14 Jan ’10 at 10:56 am

That’s awesome Christopher! Sounds like Jenny’s making a nice recovery! 🙂 Hope things stay awesome up there. You guys are doing such a powerful message, it awes me. Much love,


Leah Stockholm · 14 Jan ’10 at 12:24 pm

Christopher, that is great to hear! So glad to hear that you are blessing people and in return being blessed 🙂 Still praying for Jenny and so glad to hear shes doing better! PRAISE JESUS
love you guys and all you do 🙂


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