• Eva is adorable! Her father, on the other hand, is driving me frantic! 😛

    • And that will probably continue for the next week I’d say…

      • Ah, alright then. I shall be patient. Somewhat. *laughs*

  • Billy.J

    That’s awesome! I wish I could draw like that!! Nice job Eva, I knew exactly that it was a cow, the I never even considered thinking it was a frog or poles. Nice job!! 🙂

  • That’s awesome 🙂

  • Sam

    I agree with ST ;). Could ye turn up the post quantity? Perhaps 4 a day?

    Great pic

  • Sam

    You can’t buy that in stores these days? Ah! But of course! Tis the holidays, tis sold out yes?

  • Eva draws great pictures, I love looking through notebooks from the past couple years and coming across her pictures. 😀 It always makes me smile.

  • Sam


    Why did she draw a cow? Perhaps the story of Daniel that day? Or just plain ol’ kiddy fun?

    • Sam, Daniel was thrown into a den of lions, not cows. 😉

  • Sam

    Truly? Twas a mistake I suppose 😉 Perhaps Joseph?


  • Ch, that’s funny. The patience thing lol
    This would be why many do not HAVE said virtue lol

  • abby

    I knew It was a pig with long legs…er, a cow right away, Sir Christopher. Lady Eva doth draw well.