I spent extra time on Twitter and FaceBook this morning in place of my morning run (the snow, freezing rain, and high winds kept me in bed at 6am). Granted, I have a few thousands status updates to wade through, if I were ever to read them all, so normally I’m on both clients for under 10 minutes a day, reading just a few and updating my own.

But as I was standing in the shower, I had a revelation about social networking. (Yes, most of my profound revelations come in the shower). Twitter and FaceBook are not new to God.

There is no way I could possibly keep up with the amount of people I “Follow” on Twitter and the number of “Friends” I have on FaceBook. The task would be a 60 hour per week job. If not more, should I do it justice. And yet those I “follow” are but a handful of the millions of users out there, and those users are but a fraction of a percent of the world’s population. And by virtue of the fact that they are even on a social network, that also means they own a computer, and are therefore among the world’s top 1% elite. And for all our tweeting of “concerns, situations, and problems,” when compared to an AIDS orphan in Zambia, they (I) have no real problems to update anyone about.

Yet, God gets all of my, their, and your status updates, and picture uploads, non-stop, with or without a computing device. I hate to trivialize peoples’ suffering to a social networking term, but sometimes the easiest examples are the best.

The heavenly Father not only gets countless trillions of status updates from billions of people each day, but He also feels as close to them as we do to spouses, parents, or children. Our “Friends.” He is an intimate. He formed them in their mother’s womb, and has genuine interest in their welfare. I find such pontificating staggering, a crushing weight on my chest.

Perhaps social networking is not a new technology to humanity, but rather an antiquated, marginalized glimpse of how the Maker of the Universe observes mankind. ch:


Billy.J · 3 Dec ’09 at 9:45 am

Wow, that’s totally true! I wouldn’t have thought of that. dude Christopher, God is doing some serious miracles through you, always amazes me. P.S. All of my enlightenment’s come from the shower too. 🙂


Cali · 3 Dec ’09 at 12:02 pm

Yeah me too, unless my 3 year old hops in with me or my baby tries to rip the shower curtain down. Then its not a quite listening place but rather a battlezone

Christopher Hopper · 5 Dec ’09 at 2:57 pm

Billy: I’m honored by your words. Thanks friend.
Cali: Battlezone! You couldn’t be more accurate! Too true. lol

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