turkey chacheres

I’m just curious, how do you prepare your turkey? This year, I’m attempting yet another fried turkey, but complete with not-so-secret ingredients courtesy of master chef @denis_jr. Using 100% peanut oil, Tony Chachere’s Creole Butter injection, and rub, frying at 350-degrees at 3.5-minutes per pound. So, do tell! And Happy Thanksgiving! ch:


Aaron · 26 Nov ’09 at 11:44 am

I have in-laws and family to visit today for two t-giving meals so I didn’t get the privilege of cooking. However, if I was cooking, I would do one of two things – Smoke a whole turkey coated in bacon pieces and some sort of mesquite rub or Sautee a split turkey breast with white wine – Saw Tyler Florence do that once and it sounded amazing.nnA

Kristie Rath · 26 Nov ’09 at 11:44 am

We wanted to do a Turbaconducken, but not everyone wanted it, since we are the hosts, we thought we would be nice to the guests, but look out next year!

DLouisa Ford · 26 Nov ’09 at 11:49 am

We are roasting ours in the over and covered it in mayo (idea came from Kelly’s mom). We debated frying it but both of our father’s were kind of anti it…but we may try it next year!! Enjoy your turkey! We love you guys!!

Christopher Hopper · 26 Nov ’09 at 11:49 am

Aaron: Oooo! That sounds delicious! Have you done it before?
Kristie: You are better hosts than I am! I would have defied they majority and TBD’d that meat stack!
Dee: Any way you cook your turkey, it doesn’t matter…YOU make everything taste grand!

Rebekah B. · 26 Nov ’09 at 12:00 pm

Hey Hoppers! nnMy mother-in-law is doing something I’ve never heard of…she’s grilling hers! On the grill outside..good thing it’s a warm Thanksgiving! She’s doing a normal one in the stove too..I think just in case, cuz it’s the first time she’s ever done the grilling..so we’ll see what happens! Have a wonnnnnderful day!nnRebekah

nathan pratt · 26 Nov ’09 at 2:04 pm

i make a secret seasoning, that only my mom and me know, and then i lightly season it, deep fry it, and after it come out of the fryer i season it some more while it still has a little oil on it

Nathan Petrie · 26 Nov ’09 at 3:01 pm

I put it in the oven 😉 ::laughs::

Shane Deal · 27 Nov ’09 at 7:59 am

Usually, we cook it in the oven.

We didn’t really do a whole turkey this year, just some individual piece and some homemade stuffing. Both were delicious.


Christoper Hopper · 27 Nov ’09 at 1:45 pm

Bekah: Wow! Never heard of that! But how was it? Very interested to know!nNathan: I love secret spices! Makes it taste even better just knowing it’s a secret!nShane:Was it yummy? ch:

Shane Deal · 27 Nov ’09 at 6:13 pm

Yes, it was quite yummy. 😉

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