CotSK Amazon Blitz Today!

amazon cotsk

Hey gang! Today, October 7th, is our “let’s blitz Amazon” day. We’re asking all of our friends to rally behind us and pre-order Curse of The Spider King, helping shoot the book up on the national ranking. For anyone that purchases the book today, please email me a digital copy of your receipt (ie. forward the receipt email), and Wayne and I will send you an autographed book plate to stick on the inside of your edition. Thanks again for jumping into the fray with us! ch:

  • I ordered mine and posted it on my blog as well. Looking forward to the CSFF blog tour in November with it!

  • Chris

    Its sales rank is 1,727 now!

  • It’s down to 517!

  • Thanks Jason! I so appreciate you helping us out, bro. Means a lot.

    Chris: awwww yeah!

    Jenny: holy smokers!


  • Millardthemk

    :ch, Is the clue going to come soon? Its been 3weeks!

  • Millardthemk

    Oh! And I bought the book as well!