• I am so confused!!!! Does any of this help me with the second clue????

  • Is this where I am to comment? Spider-man??

  • Barie

    Hmm, am I supposed to comment here for the ARG?


  • Kayla/Palendra

    Dangerous or not, I find it interesting that only the symbol of a spider stands here on your blog.

  • Seth

    It is a dark day when the Warspiders make the headlines. I am diligent.

  • Chris

    what does this mean? is the the remains that the warspiders left behind?

  • Cson

    Is this where I’m supposed to comment? I’m trying to figure out clue #2. If this isn’t the place, ignore this. And maybe you could give me a hint? I’m stumped. Thanks!

  • DragonBoy

    Warspiders have made the headlines. I am diligent. What can I do to help?

  • Melissa Rose

    Is that a warspider?

  • Barie

    The warspiders make my blog’s headlines . . .

  • You and Wayne Thomas Batson are having way too much fun making your fans go crazy:) This treasure hunt is truly awesome, but tough work.
    BTW Thanks for leaving a comment on my review of “Offworld”… I’m glad you enjoyed it:)
    Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family,

  • Chris

    IS this what we’re supposed to comment on?

  • The danger has passed correct? Southeast right? I’ve go it 😀

    I is diligent.

  • Ian

    Mr. Hopper…I think the warspiders are after you…:P


  • Thanks for leaving comments you guys! You’re pretty fun yourselves! Happy hunting! ch:

  • Millardthemk

    CH Wahts going on with “X”?

  • Thanks for the inquiry, Mill. “X” has indeed conferred with Sir Wayne and me, and he is a legitimate player whose methods are sound, all-be them intriguing. I might venture to say he is a bit more astute than the average ARG gamer (no offense to anyone else). In fact, I sometimes wonder what side he’s playing for. Not that he would ever do anything to harm someone (or else we wouldn’t allow him to continue), but he does seem to have an uncanny ability to read both sides of this plot. (Maybe we should hire him!). We’ll see how everything unfolds. But he was very upfront and cordial to Sir Wayne via email last night. ch:

  • Amy

    Following the lead of everyone else, being diligent and hoping that’s a warspider up there ;P

  • Austinator

    So is that the warspider?

  • Anna

    Diligently I search, but perhaps tis far too late to find. For a dark day it is when one knows not if she is on the right path. Especially if that path be crawling with warspiders…

  • Anna

    Wow, I actually got the right clue and it led me back here…

  • Christa

    It is a dark day. Only the diligent will comment.

    (I’m commenting… :D)

  • lol i hope this is the right place to comment… 😛 lol
    soooo… who like pumpkin pie?
    wait… is diligence a virtue?

  • hhhmmm… i sure hope that this is the right place to comment… lol
    only the diligent will comment? hhhmmm… lol i think that includes me as being diligent…xD

  • thedoorwithin

    only the diligent will comment?
    It is a dark day when warspiders take the headlines. i am diligent.

  • EaglesWings

    i am diligent!?is this the right place to comment?

  • Goldarrow

    Hey, did I find it?

    Well it does like Warspiders made headlines, but I’m diligent.
    So is that all for clue #2?


  • Elisabeth

    Hello! I know I am super late but I only just got the book cuz I live in another country!nSo am I supposed to comment then you email me? Please help!nnI am diligent!nn:)