Tribe Building Begins!

Build Your Tribe
Begin Your Quest

Today marks the beginning of the biggest contest I’ve ever been a part of. Wayne and I have outlined the entire contest and uploaded it page-by-page as you see below. You can click all the images and read right from the Web.


You can click HERE and download the pdf file.
Let the games begin…
  • Chris


  • Seth

    Anyone wanna join my homeschooler tribe?! Email me at for info.

  • Woohoo! This is gonna rock!

  • Seth

    Mr Hopper? How many tribes are there currently that have not posted on The Underground because I thought that those were only them but I think I’m wrong.

  • Yeah…but I suppose not all tribes have to be on the forum. Can you make that a rule so we can at least know who we’re up against? lol

  • ch:

    We’ll post a list of all the Tribes in a few days as they start to register with Sir Wayne (via email). Remember, 21 or more members before it can be registered. ch:

  • Seth

    Thanks Ch, that would be very helpful, I was kind of panicking when I saw the Australia one, I thought “Man, if there could be one in Australia that we don’t know about, there could be like 100 that we don’t know about.”

  • Barie

    Christopher Hopper,
    I’m considering coming to the book signing party on October 31st, that’s the one in Pittsford, I b’lieve. Well, that’s six hours away from where I live.
    Before I decide whether or not to come, I have a few questions to ask.
    The 31st being Halloween, makes me a bit nervous. I am personally very against that tradition, and if your party at all encourages it, I don’t want to be there to see it. Are you doing anything hallween-like?
    What is the typical turnout for this kind of event? I don’t want to be stuck in a crowd of rambunctios little boys.

  • Barie…did you end up going? ::laughs::

    CH, no update on your blog about tribes? Aw…I was hoping to see something new ::laughs:: Oh well. Tribebuilding and ARG is awesome…just thought I’d say that. Best idea ever šŸ˜€

  • haha, i agree Keeneye!! lol
    although i must admit, i am a bit stuck with the ARG, lol that is what led me here, actually… šŸ˜‰