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So my tweet friend Brody Harper (@brodyharper) has a fun post going. Have yet to ask him if he invented it or not. Either way, it’s fun…because it’s random. Here’s the excerpt of the explanation:

Basically, no one reads blogs on Sunday and so we all know that our stats will suck.  Because of that simple fact, the randomness of any given Sunday can be expressed in these types of blog posts.  Bullet points.  Of random thoughts.  The birth of ‘Stats Suck Sunday’.

So, Brody–and to all others interested–here are mine:

• I made my first ahi tuna steak at home last night and realized I could have saved $20 on average for every time I’ve ordered at a restaurant.

• My son has peed on the same couch twice in two days. (We have seven couches in the house). Does that mean I get to pee on a couch?

• I have never thought to calculate the square root of 3,467,901

• Last night we watched “New In Town,” a movie that takes place in Minnesota with lots of heavy Minnesota accents; today in church I met a girl from Minnesota and, even though she didn’t have the accent, I spoke to her with the accent for almost the entire (short) conversation.

• I have settled the fact that I am constantly surrounded by poop, pee, and throw up, and I’m ok with that.

• Four. And the letter “r.”

Feel free to leave your own random Stats Suck Sunday list below, or link to your blog. ch:


wayne thomas batson · 19 Jul ’09 at 10:25 pm

• Furniture shopping is NOT the best way to spend a Sunday.
• Whoever said, “Man is best at everything in the world, EXCEPT what he is supposed to be doing at a given moment” –was SPOT ON.
• Catching lightning bugs is still fun–and is a spectacular way to spend a Sunday evening with kids.
• Why do I go to be with such noble goals to eat well the next day, and then find myself with a plate of cheese fries in front of me…within 12 hours?

Will Farr · 20 Jul ’09 at 12:00 am

Gummy bears are great to eat, but not the best to throw at kids in a parade, especially unwrapped.

The smell of Flex shampoo transports me back to the ’80s.

I’ve wondered before if fish swim up to the edge of the water, stare at the land, and think “that’s beautiful!”

If birds drove cars, I think that I would have to poop on one… at least one.

I remember the video for Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You” playing on TV, and me reassuring my Grandmother, “don’t worry Grandma, I don’t listen to that type of music”.

Michael Belmont · 27 Jul ’09 at 6:11 pm

I wonder who thought to take a bean, roast it, grind it, and strain water thought it??

Better yet, who had the bright idea to pick coffee beans out of piles of monkey poop and convince anyone that they make great coffee?

And if you think about it… who thought that calling Bull (you know what’s) Rocky Mountain Oysters would make them a delicacy??

And if you moisten gummy bears ever so slightly, and then throw them at kids in parades….they stick.

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