I was flying home from a few tour dates in Michigan last month when I had the chance to sit next to a 20-year old guy flying to Florida. The conversation went as many do, talking about reasons for the flight, destination, and line of work. But this guy seemed preoccupied with other things and the conversation ebbed. Naturally, I was more than willing to dive back into my book, but there was a little problem…

The Holy Spirit.

Now, he’s never a problem to my spirit, but often to my habits. In this case, my book. It was as I started to read again that the Lord dropped a question in my heart for this guy. And at first I dismissed it because it didn’t seem very spiritual. I like direct words of knowledge for people. You know, things that are so random they have to be God. “You’re mom’s name was Sue and she died last year and you’re struggling with that.” Or, “You have an addiction to Fruit Loops that no one knows about.” You know, stuff that they can’t argue with, stuff that makes them give you that cockeyed Houdini-stare of disbelief.

But today the word was, “What makes you tick, Sam?”

What makes you tick?

It sounded so “not God,” and so something “I would say,” that for the entire flight, I kept it bottled up. (Yet another sign it was from the Lord). Finally, as we were starting our descent, I couldn’t contain the question anymore and, breaking a very long, very awkward silence, I asked him out of the blue, “So Sam, what really makes you tick?”

He just looked at me for a second. I got nervous. But then, surprisingly, the look became the all-too-familiar cockeyed Houdini-stare of disbelief. Bingo! I guess the Holy Spirit knew what he was doing with a statement as simple as that as he does with another type of prophetic word that I think is somehow “more spiritual.”

Needless to say, the conversation broke wide open as this guy was just waiting for someone to share his heart with. By the time we pulled up to our gate, I got to pray with Sam. And as we walked up the ramp and were about to part ways, with tears in his eye, he reached out and just hugged me. For a guy that’s a very huggy-guy, even I was caught off guard.

We carry around this treasure in earthen vessels of clay. So may I ask you today? What makes you tick? ch:

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Mandee · 11 Jun ’09 at 9:42 am

This reminds me of a girl I met last week during my stay in Rochester. Directly following my workshop, I was at my table talking to a few people about B&B and I noticed a girl standing off to the corner of my booth. I finished my current conversation and turned to her, and instead of giving her the spiel on my business that I’d be reciting all day, for some reason I asked her, “What do you like to do?” I thought about it later and I still don’t know why I asked this 18 year old girl that question, since for all I knew she was just coming over to flip through a magazine on the table. I guess it was what I was supposed to ask, and as I began to learn about her I realized she was really looking for some encouragement and had listened to me speak just prior. I ended up talking with her for about 45 minutes or so (business was slow that time of the day) and by the time I got done, I had her phone number, email address AND she left with a Dibor brochure. 😉 It’s funny though, asking those unexpected questions out of the blue. One never knows what will come out of it.

Ron Porter · 11 Jun ’09 at 10:35 am

Love. Friendship, fellowship, association, being a part of something bigger than myself, Psalms 133. Finding out what makes others tick, their “why”, their motivation, their dreams and goals. Helping people to realize that all things are possible, that their dreams can be reality. Edification, encouragement, lifting people up. Giving until I have nothing left, and still giving more. Investing and sowing into people, the Body, the Kingdom. Finding Lion Chasers, Dreamers, Winners, Warriors, Go-Getters, and Champions living quiet lives of desperation on the junk piles of life and offering them a hand, a direction, and showing them it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it matters where you’re going. As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another. Love makes me tick. Love.

Josh · 11 Jun ’09 at 11:47 am

I would have to say what makes me tick is the question, “Where is all of this going?”

I am trying to discipline myself to be obedient in seeking God’s plan and will for my life. His plan has not been fully revealed, as of yet, but for now I will just keep doing my best and putting everything I have into what is in front of me. I also am trying to lay down the things that keep me from fulfilling his purpose.

A wise man once wrote:

“There’s always more I can give to you. There’s always more I can place in your hands. What I’m letting go of, is so small in comparison to what you have for me.”

Anyway that helps me remember what makes me tick. Each time I surrender something over to the Lord, that’s one more tick.

Billy.J · 12 Jun ’09 at 10:29 am

Man Christopher, you have a way with God! I mean,I’ve heard countless stories of the Lord shining into lives of others, through you! You’re one awesome guy and I’m sure that guy will find happiness. Man…


Christopher Hopper · 13 Jun ’09 at 12:16 am

Thanks for these beautiful replies, gang. Just awesome. I’m privileged to have you leave your mark on my blog here. Thanks. And Josh…whoever wrote that song must have been inspired by the Holy Spirit because those words are too good to come from a man. 😉 ch:

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