I am not Jewish. I just want to be clear so you understand I have nothing to gain by the following piece. And I count on the fact that I’ll take bullets for it. But I consider myself in good company if so.

5’9″, bald, as white as the cream filling of an Oreo, and with a nose from a long-line of Dutchmen, I am a European amalgamation of varied lineages, and constitute the average All-American male. But one thing I am not, is a moron.

A moron? In my simplest definition, that’s someone who is ignorant on purpose (intentionally sidestepping truth). And right now, I feel as though I’m surrounded by them in the US and Global media.

I’m not sure if you have been following the plight of Israel. Most things surely seem more important. Sports. Award shows that honor award recipients. Michael Jackson. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is a world-wide scandal happening to one of the tiniest, most seemingly insignificant nations on the planet right now. Because if I’m the only rocket scientist taking note, then NASA really needs to hire me.

If Canada launched a single missile over the border into the US–Canada–my friends, would be the next acquisition of the United States faster than you could cough up a hockey puck. But how about 1,000’s of missiles? Let’s just say that there would be a lot of reconstruction work to be done before we could settle our newest State.

What if we told China that she must give up substantial holdings of 3,500 year-old, Biblically-mandated sovereign soil to appease small, militant nomadic tribes who purported to have legitimate claims to property even though these groups never previously existed under any sort of organized name,ruling body, or internationally respected council?

More over, what if the US were to go into Saudi Arabia, Egypt–or say, Iran–and, through means of unprecedented political manipulation, do anything short of outright coercion and extortion to tell them how to run their country?

Oh, we have? Well, almost.

What’s fascinating to me is that President Obama will hold a press conference on Iran’s recent political proceedings and say he’s “appalled and outraged” by their conduct, but that he “respect[s] the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” and does not want to “interfere[ing] with Iran’s affairs.”

Does not want to interfere with Iran’s affairs? Huh, sounds respectful enough. Surely, I wouldn’t want to cross a mullah on a bad PMS day. But what fascinates me is our nation’s proposed honor of a nation with which we have rocky friendship (at best), and who seemingly stands for everything that we do not, yet for a nation with which we helped engineer it’s very birth, we have contrary, if unfriendly dealings with (at best). Israel.

You see, it’s my humble and “uninformed belief” (by some) that if any other nation on the planet was enduring the same atrocities that Israel is being forced to undergo–both in political pressure and terrorist assaults–there would be global outcry. Instead, the world is siding with a rebel group of nomads who previously had no legal claim to anything. Palestinian refugees. Yes, go check your history books; they hadn’t even been termed as such until the last century. These “refugees” were created when the surrounding Arab nations told them to leave the two-state solution during a “get out or suffer with them” attack against the new Israel. Things, obviously, went differently than expected and Israel prevailed. Decades later the same Arab nations that protested a two-state deal and created the refugee situation are now lobbying for–you guessed it–a two-state deal. Funny that everyone wants Israel to do what the Palestinians’ religious kinfolk would not: give up land for them.

If any other nation on the planet was enduring the same atrocities that Israel is being forced to undergo–both in political pressure and terrorist assaults–there would be global outcry.

Am I saying Israel is lily-white? Not at all. They have done some horrible things, as all nations do in war. But that’s not what I’m contesting here. For if that was the basis of international mediation, we should be meddling with Iran and countless other nations long before we turn our eyes to the homeland of the Jews. What I am asking, however, is how can our media be so selective? How can our government be this blinded to such a severe double-standard?

Because I’m not a political pundit, my commentary starts where theirs stops. This is much more than a political struggle for power. This is a spiritual battle for control of a promised inheritance, and the coming return of the Messiah. You honestly think the enemy of mankind wants property rights to a strip of desert because he likes to build sand castles?

Politically, I pray that the leadership of our nation once again recognizes God’s decree of Israel’s physical right to the land belonging to the descendants of Isaac as we did in 1948. I pray that Americans would have wisdom to filter through the un-journalistic and unprofessional reporting that our media is proliferating. And I pray that we have the creative wisdom to express–both through prayer and activism–our intolerance of preposterously immoral expectations imposed on Israel.Because if you were Jewish–which, if you’re grafted into their adopted lineage through Jesus, you are no longer an alien–you would and should be ticked.

When you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, you are praying for the return of Jesus…because he does not return to Allah’s Dome of the Rock. He returns to Zion, a City on a Hill. The Jerusalem of the Jews. May revival come to you swiftly, and may the Church ever urge you forward. ch:


Hilary Dyer · 29 Jun ’09 at 10:57 am

As having friends who work in Palestine, and close friends who are believers AND who are Palestinians, I would have to say that your analysis is very one sided. To be true to a fair journalistic coverage, and to look at ALL people through the eyes of Jesus, you must look at the plight of both peoples, recognize the atrocities and injustices done by and done unto on both sides.

mooney · 29 Jun ’09 at 1:41 pm

wow, throwing the long-bomb on this one. I agree though. if Saudi Arabia thinks that the Palestinians need their own country so bad, why don’t they give them them some land? oh, right, because they claim it as given them by God. Abraham needs comfort in someone else’s bosom these days. could we really expect anything less though? one was born according to the flesh (Ishmael) and the other from a promise (Isaac) (Genesis 16:10-15, Galataians 4:22-29).

reenie bovier · 29 Jun ’09 at 4:40 pm

Thanks Christopher!!! Loved this article !!!!

Christopher Hopper · 29 Jun ’09 at 5:54 pm

Hilary: If I was arguing the atrocities that both people groups have endured, I totally agree. I was just sitting with one of my Palestinian Christian friends two weeks ago while they were visiting the US, thus my saying “Israel is not lily-white” above. I am grieved by both factions’ behavior (beyond words). However, that is not the point I am arguing, but rather what claim both sides have to land clearly promised into the hands of the sons of Isaac and the US’s waffling position on that support. Sorry for not being more clear.

Mooney: The long bomb…lol, yeah I suppose. Have had a lot of things bubbling in me over the middle east lately, and with Rabbi Jerry Miller’s teaching last week at Dibor, I finally felt i needed to step out of the boat.

Reenie: You’re welcome.


Laurie Petrisin · 29 Jun ’09 at 6:44 pm

Well written, passionate article. If you have never heard of Art Katz, I recommend him to you. He was a messianic Jew and his writings have substance and clarity on the subject of the middle east – a subject which is difficult for many to sort out. God bless you, brother.

Stuart McClean · 29 Jun ’09 at 7:33 pm

Don’t forget. The last time US and Canada fought, the Britsh torched the White House. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_of_Washington

Kelly · 29 Jun ’09 at 8:10 pm

Simply put—thanks. The perspective was much needed as was the renewing of the passion for Israel.
When we pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps. 122:6) we are praying for the salvation of the Jews and all her enemies.

Galactic Overlord (Jason) · 30 Jun ’09 at 7:49 am

Hi Chris,

As it so happens, I am a political pundit…if you count seven years as an op-ed writer at a college paper…

Anyway, your piece was terrific. I may not know what the average Palestinian thinks, but I know the Arab leadership over there has done all they can to keep them out of their own countries, when they could easily take them in. In fact, Jordan was supposed to be the “Palestinian” state, created alongside Israel, the Jewish state, in the 1940s. I think the Palestinians are the victims really of Arab oligarchs, who seek to use them as weapons against Israel, by forcing them to settle in refugee camps, by insisting on a “right to return” that the Israeli leadership would never agree to.

Christopher Hopper · 30 Jun ’09 at 11:11 am

Wow, Jason…this was a VERY insightful statement. “I think the Palestinians are the victims really of Arab oligarchs, who seek to use them as weapons against Israel, by forcing them to settle in refugee camps, by insisting on a “right to return” that the Israeli leadership would never agree to.”

The interesting thing here is that I’m not against the Palestinian Refugees. I am praying for their salvation, actually! They are like any other person on the planet to me…they need Jesus! So their mistreatment burdens me as much as Israels. So seeing their plight as a direct result of corrupt Arab leadership hits the nail on the head.

Thanks for sharing! ch:

Christopher Hopper · 30 Jun ’09 at 11:28 am

Laurie: I am actually on the phone with a friend as we speak talking about how the whole Middle East conflict is not a “simple conversation” and requires a lot of background before their can be much intelligent, thoughtful conversation. Therefore it’s very nature as a topic is touchy.

Stuart: Thanks for the reminder! WOW!

Kelly: Yes, revival in Jesus’ name for the Jew and the Gentile!

Thanks for sharing all. ch:

Will Farr · 30 Jun ’09 at 11:57 am

I think that this is a case of politicians being deceived and used by the enemy. The actions that the current (and to a certain degree, past) administration has taken regarding Israel is contrary to all logic. We need to back our friends, and point bigger guns at our enemies. I don’t recall having “talks” with the playground bully in school, and having a positive outcome. Usually you give the bully a bloody nose, or he gives you one first. Peace is achieved through victory over the enemy, not through negotiating with him.

Philip Thomas · 30 Jun ’09 at 12:03 pm

Well said Christopher, I share your thoughts on this issue.

And, adding to what Jason said, I believe that the Arab leaders are using the Palestinians as a tool to destroy Israel’s appearance in the global media.

I recently read Exodus by Leon Uris, and while being a fictional piece, it comes very close to the truth of what took place in Israel during the years following WWII. One thing the book really brought to light was the way in which the Palestinians (or the people living in Israel when the Jews made their peaceable return) were taken advantage of by a rebel Arab faction and incited to fight and terrorize their neighbor Jews. Then following the war they were abandoned and left to the refugee camps where they are still being used as a weapon against Israel.

Yet I suppose the only way to really grasp what is going on there is to see it as “much more than a political struggle for power.”

Great post!

Christopher Hopper · 30 Jun ’09 at 1:39 pm

Will: Yeah, I think we must determine first who is our enemy, and secondly how do we deal with them in wisdom. I don’t believe we are fighting the Palestinian people as a whole as much as we are fighting corrupt governments. As I shared earlier, my Christian-Palestinian friends are amazing people, preaching the Gospel in a foreign land. But when it comes to demonic opposition, I remember something one of my teachers on the supernatural taught me: “Jesus never negotiated with a demon when leading a person through deliverance; he cast them out.”

Philip: Great insight. And that book sounds interesting. It’s so sad to see how people have become the means for a political end all in the name of asserting a corrupt agenda.

Thanks for sharing. ch:

Jerry Miller · 30 Jun ’09 at 6:35 pm

If I might weigh in with my thoughts as a Messianic Jew (Jewish believer in Jesus). It’s virtually impossible to gain a fully accurate perspective on these issues if we base our views only on natural observations. You simply cannot dismiss the fact that the actions of the main participants, the Jews & the Arabs, are the actions of people who do not yet know Jesus. It’s unrealistic to expect that EITHER side would behave in a TRULY righteous manner. As a Jew, my own heart is clearly in support of Israel, although I would not presume to think that Israel has been innocent in every respect. There have certainly been inappropriate actions coming from both sides, but in my opinion, Israel has been demonstrably more committed to the concept of a peaceful solution than the Palestinian leaders. People can & do debate which side has been more or less blameworthy, but that misses the most important point. The key question is, what does the Word of God say about the Jews & the land? That should determine the stance we take on it. Then secondarily, what might be our love-inspired RESPONSE to the situation as believers? To me, one of the most awesome things taking place today is the very real activity of reconciliation, as Israeli Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians are coming together in different venues to pray, seek the Lord & express Jesus’ love for one another. We’ll never hear about this in the news media because it does not fit the worldview that drives the media, but these activities of reconciliation are happening. For the Palestinian believers it’s even, in some cases, at the risk of their own safety. So, even though I have my own views as to who is more or less blameworthy from a natural perspective, the most important issue to me is that there are growing numbers of believers there who are transcending the natural perspective of things, & aggressively pursuing the only course that truly brings the Yeshua’s love into the situation. May the Lord bless us all with much grace for processing these events and praying appropriately. My apologies for going a little long.

Will Farr · 1 Jul ’09 at 1:28 am

I agree with you Christopher. I suppose I am expressing my frustration with a government that seems to want to have talks with those who would do us great harm, and leave our friends blowing in the wind. I think that this distorted logic is a product of being deceived by the enemy. What’s black is white, and what is white is black. I cannot imagine any other reason behind it.

Christopher Hopper · 3 Jul ’09 at 9:27 am

Jerry: Wow…thanks for weighing in here. I think you should be doing the posting. I appreciate your candor in where you’re coming from, but also your clarity in presenting proper perspective, both in dealing with un-renewed minds and with what the Word of God says about the land situation. I think the Bible speaks over 42 times of the “everlasting covenant” with regard to the physical aspects of the land. Regardless, thanks for chiming in; I appreciate it.

Will: “Disoriented logic” I think is a very well-put term, especially considering Jerry’s comment above about these situations being handled by unbelievers. Love your feedback, bro. ch:

Brock · 3 Jul ’09 at 8:57 pm

Will you be at ICRS in Denver?

Christopher Hopper · 3 Jul ’09 at 10:04 pm

Brock: Nope, sorry. My first summer off from touring in 12 years. Just focusing on the family. But with two books out in 2010, next year looks like definite. Thanks for asking. You’ll be there? ch:

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