mesaboogiePicking out the right amp can be quite a chore. Pairing it with your guitars, working your pedal set-up, and trying to dial in your tone for the sound that reflects “you” can take years.

I find writing worship music to be the same. So much has already “been done before.” Yet so much of the Psalms are as simple and repeatable as you can get–and still anointed.

My latest pursuit is in honing “the sound” God has been likewise shaping in my heart recently, trying to hear the heavenly sound and match it to what a generation needs to sing.

What worship artists do you think represent the next wave of up-and-coming anointed worship? ch:


David (@dg4G) · 9 Jun ’09 at 9:19 pm

Kim Walker continues to blow me away. All the teams/people from Bethel do, but Kim in particular.

She pulls music direct from heaven and shares it with all her heart. Pure, honest, possibly a little unhinged – sold our for God. Love. it.

Christopher Hopper · 9 Jun ’09 at 9:27 pm

I’m so right there with you, David! Kim is such a blessing! I just sat under Bill Johnson at our church’s leadership summit last Wednesday! MAN O MAN! Do I love those Bethel peeps! Have blessed me so much. Thanks for the comment. ch:

David Seaman · 9 Jun ’09 at 9:49 pm

I find that “the sound” is different things to different people at different times. As leaders we need to be open to what the Lord is doing for those people at this time. Be it old, a newer old, or just plain new. As for the music of heaven… I have once heard an angelic choir when I was with a group of friends in a church that was built around 400 AD in Germany. I have no way to describe that treasured moment. Some day I will join in with them. Until then, I listen, and try to infect everyone around me with what I hear. 🙂

Christopher Hopper · 9 Jun ’09 at 9:56 pm

Well said, David. Well said indeed. And, I might add, I do miss searching for that heavenly sound with you. It seems far too long since I heard you sing on that saxophone. [sigh] Much love old friend. ch:

Clarissa Collins · 10 Jun ’09 at 7:51 am

Lately, my husband and I have found ourselves “free-falling” in worship. We’ve come to a place of total abandonment and are allowing God to shift what our image of worship has been for so long. In doing so, we’re hearing “sounds” like what your talking about. All of heaven is busy proclaiming and we get to listen in! Bagpipes, saxophones, trumpets, voices singing choruses- apart from what we’re singing,…so amazing! I like what the brother says above about listening and trying to infect everyone around with what he hears. This is truly what scripture describes as “in spirit and in truth” and what a blessing to be trusted with this wonderful gift that I believe is for everyone who has “ears to hear what the spirit is saying”! It’s hard to find very many artists who will free-fall in worship. Kari Jobe does a great job, Gateway worship is powerful, and our local Infusion band is cutting edge on what God is doing. Anymore I find I’m ruined when it comes to listening to just any music-I need more!

Christopher Hopper · 10 Jun ’09 at 10:31 am

Clarissa: Thanks for the wonderful comment! Awesome! I pray that our spiritual ears (as well as our natural) get more attuned to the sounds of heaven in the days ahead. As far as Kari goes…love her! Too true! Gateway worship–do you mean out of Cyprus? And you’re Infusion band, do you have a link? Would love to learn about them. ch:

Clarissa Collins · 10 Jun ’09 at 8:01 pm

Gateway church I believe is out of Dallas. We kinda stumbled upon them while on Itunes one day. Wakeup the World and Living for you are our faves right now. Infusion is a local band from Beaver Falls. Awesome Prophetic talent. You can find them at: (I’m not in that band-just think they’re great!)

Christopher Hopper · 11 Jun ’09 at 7:50 am

Clarissa: Thanks for the update! If you’re in Beaver Falls then you are blessed indeed! Will Gelling, I’m proud to say, is a dear friend of mine, as we’ve grown close in the last several months. Their last CD has inspired our worship teams greatly. Blessings! ch:

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