When I was 8, I could tell you the difference between authentic G.I. Joe actions figures by Matel and the generic ones from Fay’s Drug just by the weight of the cardboard backing of the package.

When I was 12, I could tell you the difference between my Honda four-wheeler and my best friend’s Honda four-wheeler–both the exact same model and year–just by the whine of the engine.

When I was 16, I could tell the difference between Zildjian and a Pro-Mark drum sticks simply by the smell.

And when I was 20, I could tell you if your guitar was too dry or too damp simply by  listening to you tune your low E string.

Today, at 30, I can tell the difference between Huggies and Pampers based on how they wrap the buttocks, the quality of attach-tabs, and their overal fluid capacity before exploding.

(Huggies wins, by the way). ch:


Leah Stockholm · 16 Jun ’09 at 2:49 pm

lol Christopher, you tend to truly Amaze me sometimes! 😛

DLouisa Ford · 16 Jun ’09 at 7:32 pm

good to know which diapers win! I will remember that!!

Becky Laird · 17 Jun ’09 at 2:07 pm

Totally agree…Huggies all the way! How in the world can you tell by the tuning of the e string on the guitar?

Billy.J · 18 Jun ’09 at 6:41 pm

LOL!! That’s funny; but I’m glad you do know the difference, unlike other not-so-good dads who don’t know a diaper from a G.I. Joe. Love ya brother, see you tomorrow.

Billy. J

Christopher Hopper · 18 Jun ’09 at 11:21 pm

Leah: I’m glad I amaze somebody! DLouisa: It’s the least I can do for a new Mommy. Becky: Shouldn’t Huggies be paying us a royalty now? And the “E” string: A dry guitar will make a low E sound extremely muffled…almost like a sock has been placed on the string. Billy: I aim to please. ch:

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