June is the party season if you’re a youth pastor. All your seniors are moving on in life (well–most of your seniors; for others, 12th grade will be the best three years of their life). Last night I had the honor of attending two different graduation celebrations, something I’ve become quite an expert on in recent years: learning to be everywhere at the same time is akin to Ninja mastery.

While at the Brennan Clan’s house, I caught Luik sitting at an abandoned table all by himself, guzzling down can after can of pop. I snapped this pic on my iPhone and just chuckled at my oldest boy’s cunning.

Luik adores pop. And it’s a rare prize as we don’t stock it in our home (for obvious reasons. Come on people!). He had waited until everyone had left, and then, with ninja like skills, pounced on his spoil.

So many times in life we have windows of opportunity. It could be in our professional life with job advancement. It could be in ministering to another person. It could just be saying I love you to someone…possibly for the last time.

But these coincidences are more than just happen-stance. For those that understand the realm of the Kingdom–and life lived in it–we are surrounded with divine meetings…opportunities that could mean the difference between life and death, and destinies spent in eternity.

I’m not sure what your call in life is, what anointing is on you, or who you find yourself spending time around. But today–while it is still called today–allow the urgency of the Holy Spirit to prompt you into seizing the opportunities waiting in front of you. There are souls waiting on the other side of your obedience. (And possibly an ice-cold can of Coke, too). ch:

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Caleb · 21 Jun ’09 at 7:39 pm

Christopher, I love you blogs. They are always entertaining and uplifting.

Shane Deal · 21 Jun ’09 at 9:40 pm

I’ve had an awesome day with reunions with more dear friends then I care to count. At one point I was struck with the wonder of just having an opportunity to bless someone else completely “by accident”.

While taking a shower this morning the Lord brought to mind the funniest illustration but it hit me powerfully. In The Two Towers movie there is a scene with Gollum and Sam. Gollum catches a couple of rabbits and Sam, much to Gollum’s dismay, cooks them up in a stew. Gollum is asking “What’s it doing?” and saying “It ruin’s it.” and “Stupid fat Hobbit.” Sam knows what he’s doing, and that cooked rabbit in a stew taste better then raw meat. Then the Lord asked me the question that hit me. “Will you give me your rabbits?”

Like Gollum we can so easily ask “What’s it doing?” because we don’t understand why he seems to be causing apparent pain in our lives. We try to advise God with our cries of “It ruins it!” and occasionally we might even mutter angrily in our little pouting self-pity parties. “Stupid fat Hobbit.” I’ve been there. Still am at times. Quite often, I act like “God I know you know everything, but don’t you understand…” and I proceed to try to advise God.

But then he asked me: “Will you give me your rabbits?” (Meaning, will you let me work things out instead of yourself?)

I attended a Graduation event last night as well. By the time my Mom and I got home we were just about in tears discussing where are lives are at the moment and the things we are concerned with. In a lot of ways I believe the “Will you give me your rabbits?” question God asked me this morning was an answer to what Mom and I were talking about last night. We were discussing the dilemma of things that really are quite outside of our control.

God is moving, where there were dry dead leaves a few weeks ago I am now seeing leaves green with life!

Christopher Hopper · 22 Jun ’09 at 9:38 am

Caleb: So glad I could be a blessing to a hero in Afgan. Love you dearly.

Shane: “Give me your rabbits.” Will surely live on in the annuls of blogdom phrases. Priceless. Leave it to God to be funny and profound all in the same breath.


Beth Walrath · 22 Jun ’09 at 10:16 am

I think sometimes we forget how creative the Holy Spirit is, He uses many different tactics to tell us exactly what we need to hear and how to be obedient to Him. We sit around just waiting for an answer on what to do when usually the answer is right in front of us. He uses all kinds of vessels to deliver His messages, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t think of. So we need to be careful not to miss what opportunities He has placed in our lives to make a difference for others.

I send out a Quote of the day via. text and today’s quote was “In the end, its not the years in your life that count, its the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln.

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