UNEXPECTED REST: So I’m sitting in the eye of the hurricane. We were at the hospital until 1am, contractions less than 2-min apart–then they sent Jenny home. Weird? Yeah. But the blessing is that she got a lot of sleep last night (in her own bed), which is really a miracle. However, the rest of the storm is yet to come. As I’m pressed for time and attention, I’ll resume with my promise of yesterday…

tuckMY ONLY DISAPPOINTMENT: I’ve been holding my breath for “Tuck,” Book 3 in the series, for the last two years. Oui, oui: I want to know how the story concludes. Who doesn’t? But, as an author, I was also very curious to see exactly how Lawhead would write the final installment. And herein lies the rub. Books 1 (Hood) and 2 (Scarlet) were, for the most part, written in first person, arguably the most difficult voice to write in, especially in fiction. And, as always, Lawhead did it superbly. (I’m both jealous and inspired). Would Tuck attempt the same feat? To my surprise, no. I felt a bit let down, honestly. But the amazing part is that, as always, I’m still enjoying the story. Apart from actually asking him (which maybe some of my fellow tour members were able to), I do see how having numerous, contiguous story lines might make that difficult and near impossible. Still, I miss actually being inside the fat little priest’s brain.

TOMORROW? As before, no promises, folks. But if I get the time, I’d love to give you my thoughts on Friar Tuck: anti-religion, pro-relationship with God, and all in the midst of deep religious and political systems. ch:


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Robert Treskillard · 19 May ’09 at 1:23 pm


I think you deserve the award for “Most Dedicated CSFF Blogger, May 2009“. You all will be in my prayers.


Christopher Hopper · 19 May ’09 at 1:45 pm

Thanks Robert! You’re very kind. 🙂 ch:

Philip Thomas · 19 May ’09 at 2:15 pm

I just started reading Tuck yesterday on my trip back home from Tampa, so far so good! Although I confess, as a non-author, I didn’t even notice the switch from first to third person…

I can’t wait to hear more news about H3! He just missed my birthday!


Christopher Hopper · 20 May ’09 at 5:34 pm

Thanks Phil! Love your guts, man. Will keep you posted. (And only us crazy author’s tend to notice those sorts of things…no worries). ch:

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