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A beautiful view en route to Dallas, TX. No matter how many times I
fly I still feel like a little boy, marvelling at God’s creation. I
want to fly through the clouds just by stretching out my arms…

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  • Wow. I’ve never flown but that looks pretty incredible.

  • Somehow I can picture you right at home atop a magnificent dragon, with your sword and cloak of course. 🙂


  • What are you doing in Dallas? lol

  • Thanks guys! Yes, where’s my dragon? I’m in Dallas meeting with CiCi’s CEO about our latest venture. Pray for favor. ch:

  • wow, I heard a pretty awesome album by that name. hmm, who’s was that? oh, right, yours! lol

  • I’m in awe. I love to fly, but I have never seen anything like that before. So spectacular! Thanks for capturing one of God’s paintings.

  • the lion hearted

    Beautiful view!! I can’t help but point out that you spelled “airborne” wrong, though… 😀

  • Mooney: yeah, I think i know them, too. 😉

    Beth: You’re welcome! and i hope you get the chance to fly soon!

    TLH: Glad you liked it! And the word “airborn” was intentionally misspelled, named after our CD “Airborn,” also intentionally misspelled; it’s meaning coming from “born again,” not of this world, and thus not airborne = to fly, but air-born = to be born of the Spirit.

    Thanks for commenting all!


  • the lion hearted

    Ah ha!! Thank you for clearing me up on that one. Cool little word play there!