With every view being a "picture" here in Scotland, I couldn’t help
but snap a few during our evening walk tonight. This incredible
forrest seemed to hold countless stories…I wonder if you can leave a
comment on what happened here in the past, where the path leads, or
who lives in these fair woods?


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Memzie · 28 Jan ’09 at 6:11 pm

“Many do not know about the hidden path in the woods, for there are few who can tread it. It is a secret path and the few that do know about it wished they did not. The few guard it and protect it. The passageway is special and should not be unattended to. If the few abandoned it, the course of the future would end in devastating consequences. Consequences that many hear in rumors and in the whispers of the trees. It would be wise to seek the wisdom of our forefathers, who spoke to such trees as these.
“Meanwhile, the few who guard it are searching for the one who can trudge its course to the end.
“I have spoken to much, but if you know the chosen one, help us. The future of this world depends upon him. …END OF TRANSMISSION

Ryan Paige Howard · 28 Jan ’09 at 10:42 pm

Scotland looks beautiful. I hope you all are having an awesome time(:
I think this path could lead to the City of Ot. Beware of the panthers[=

Snarph · 28 Jan ’09 at 10:46 pm

Instantly a land of fairies and princesses came to my mind. Having fairies living inside those old twisted trees, with little beds made out of leafs and twigs for benches. In there would also lie secrets of people that have once walked that path never to walk back there again but continue on in their lives. I guess some things we shall never know, but that is what is so intriguing about life. Though I will stick to the thought that fairies live in those trees and leaves. I hope you were careful where you placed your foot. They set mushroom traps that can give off a nasty odor to those who trespass.

Shane Deal · 29 Jan ’09 at 3:35 am

It looks like a place Elves or Hobbits would be interested in.

I can almost picture a small village of Elves living among the trees there.

Christopher Hopper · 29 Jan ’09 at 4:33 am

Ryan! Touchez! Good call on those panthers! I had almost forgotten… They need Jesus!

Shane: Mmmm…I can see them, too!


Mandee · 29 Jan ’09 at 4:59 am

There once was a man who once lived amongst the trees of old. He was not just any ordinary man, however. No, he was an interesting sort, a funny little man with white skin, a bald head, and a voice so loud it could reach the heavens. Each night as he lay to rest under the stars, he would dream of the fair Lady Jennifer. Day after day passed as he desperately hoped and prayed that they could be together. One morning, he awoke with a start. It was the day he’d been waiting for, the day he would mount his gallant white horse and ride into the valley, declaring his love for the one woman who had captured his heart! With joy, he leapt to his feet and looked around. Could it be true? Did he really have a gallant white horse? The man’s shoulders fell but a little with the realization that it had been no more than a vision in his sleep, as even the brief disappointment could not stop him from seeking his precious Lady! Forget the pony. He would go on foot. 😀

Ok that’s the best I’ve got at 4 a.m. haha.

Christian Fahey · 29 Jan ’09 at 3:12 pm

What??!! Where’s the snow? Unbelievable. Godspeed C & J. Miss you. The shots are stunning.

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