• Rebekah Berthet

    whaaaaaaaa! does my father know this yet? he might poop his pants just looking at the picture.. šŸ™‚ awesome!

  • Oh, now you’ve gone too far! Aw, Awww, Maaannnn. Not the sword. Not THE sword of William Wallace???? This just isn’t fair, not fair at all. {I’m wounded here!}

  • I wonder if they have any of the swords of the Clan MacLeod there.

    Oh wait, those guys don’t actually exist, do they?

  • Bekah: I know…I know…wish he was here a thousand times over…I know…

    Wayne: I know…I know…sorry bro…I know…

    Jason: No, but if they did, it should be on display here, too. I know…


  • whoa. that sword has been used by a master craftsman and harbinger of death. it’s hard to believe that you are in such awe of something that shed the blood of men. is this what jesus would have done? kill others for his freedom? or would he lay his life down at their feet? Galatians 5, Rom 5

  • John Brennan

    The sword! you did not miss it this time =) have fun man!

  • Kirk

    Wow…..awesome sword!

  • Mooney: You are a born instigator if I ever met one.

    John: I know! Last time we missed it y 2 minutes, this time (drum roll) we made it with 3 minutes to spare! Can you believe it?

    Kirk: Aye, indeed!


  • what? me?