The whole clan piled into the sonogram room around 3:00pm this afternoon and waited with baited breath as our technician, Maureen, finally asked us if we could see “it.” Looking for some small indication of “H3″s gender, we were all a little shocked when she said, “What, you don’t see that big thing right there?” pointing with an exasperated look.

“Oh!” I replied which a chuckle, a bit startled.

“I guess there’s no mistaking that!” Jenny laughed.

Needless to say the kids screamed when they foud out they were getting a baby brother. Let the comments begin! (And keep it clean, guys!)  ch:


mooney · 5 Jan ’09 at 11:42 pm

Morgui? It would be like Prime and Megatron (jaivin and kaiden), you know?

mooney · 5 Jan ’09 at 11:42 pm

oh, Congrats to your family!

Christopher Hopper · 6 Jan ’09 at 12:40 am

LOL…thanks Mooney. The sibling rivalry had crossed my mind, as it would anyone boy who grew up in the 80’s. ch:

Kait · 6 Jan ’09 at 1:53 am

Congratulations! Sonograms are always super exciting!

Leah Stockholm · 6 Jan ’09 at 8:38 am

Awww Chris, Congratulations on your baby boy 🙂
I’m So excited for you guys!!

Christian Fahey · 6 Jan ’09 at 3:14 pm

What would prose be without descriptive modifiers? Adjectives rule! (Apologies to Tom Hanks’ filmography, circa 1984). Congrats C & J!

Christian Fahey · 6 Jan ’09 at 3:16 pm

OOPS. Tom Hanks 1988 films!

Wayne Thomas Batson · 6 Jan ’09 at 4:31 pm

A BOY!! You studmuffin, you! Okay, so if you hold true to form, you’ll be chosing a name from a male character in your new book. Hmmm, which will it be?



Christopher Hopper · 6 Jan ’09 at 4:33 pm

Kait: Super exciting indeed! Thanks for checking in!

Leah: We’re pretty pumped, too!

Christian: Are you sure it wasn’t Hom Tanks, 1898?

Wayne: That was a shameless plug for our new book if I ever saw one. (And I like it!). ch:

Kirk · 6 Jan ’09 at 7:38 pm

Christopher and Jennifer,

Congrats! Thats awesome!

Love ya…..


Rebekah Berthet · 7 Jan ’09 at 12:02 am


DLouisa Ford · 7 Jan ’09 at 3:05 pm

So excited for you and Jenny!!!! Can’t wait to meet baby boy Hopper later this year! We love you guys!

Jess Domansky · 8 Jan ’09 at 8:00 am

There is much to be said for bringing new future fathers into this area! And I love that our boys are coming near the same time! Yippee for some men of God!

mooney · 8 Jan ’09 at 11:24 pm

Beth thinks Travin is AWESOME!!

scribe · 11 Jan ’09 at 1:17 am

*YAY* Congratulations Christopher! I get to find out in March if I’m getting another niece or a nephew! My evil brother knows what the Lord has blessed him with, but he’s not sharing the info!

😀 I got my revenge though, all the baby gifts are yellow.

Christopher Hopper · 12 Jan ’09 at 4:29 pm

Kirk: Thanks! No, you’re awesome!

RB: Wooohoooo back!

DLF: And he can’t wait to meet his Aunty Dee and Uncle Judd!

Jess: I know! PRAISE GOD! May they win many to Jesus!

Mooney: Travin, huh? Sounds liek two other little boys I know…what are their names again? Just…can’t…seem…to…place…them…

Scribe: I say we keel haul (in a kind way) your brother until he speaks! ch:

L.B. · 16 Jan ’09 at 7:46 pm

Christopher –

Obviously, you are still “rockin’ the suburbs.” Congrats on the new Bubba!


Ryan Paige Howard · 22 Jan ’09 at 11:03 pm

Congratulations on it’s a boy. Thanks for sharing this very joyful news with us (: I’m really excited for you and your beautiful family.

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