• It was great meeting up with you for coffee, thanks for taking the time to talk to each one of us, you are a wonderful couple.
    The meeting at the church was amazing, the praise and worship was so annointed and the teaching led by the Holy Spirit. It was great to see you interact with the 4 young boys that came in off the street. I believe the Holy Spirit wanted to speak to the boys and impart his love and goodness into their lives, an experience they will never forget for the rest of their lives.
    Looking forward to tonight c u then.

  • Thanks for your kind words, Joyce. It was great spending some time with you…sorry it wasn’t longer! Appreciate you and Mark so much. See you tonight!


  • Rebekah Berthet

    taking over a local coffee shop…sounds a little familiar! 🙂

  • Jamie Ingerson

    Great pictures, can’t wait to see more!!