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Jennifer and I had the honor to visit a beautiful nursing home this
afternoon with members from the church. It was a wonderful time to
bring the love of Jesus into these precious peoples’ lives. Here,
Jenny chats with Mary, 98-years young!


  • Wow, 98 years old, that’s amazing! You and your wife have such kind hearts.

  • Rebekah Berthet

    ohhhh my goodness, i love this..i was trying to think of something witty for the “forest” picture, but i drew a you guys!
    ohh, and, joel and i would like to hear jenny preach…perhaps on meditation..perhaps in a future 33Live meeting.. 🙂

  • Thanks Ryan! SO DO YOU!

    Bekah: Even a blank forest entry is worthy! It could be the land of blank people, with lots of blank food! (Gosh, no it sounds like I’m swearing!). lol Yeah, we’ll have to arrange Jenny to speak at youth group. I think she’a working on a message just for them.

    Love ya!