• I think, Luik Hopper,
    It’s perfectly proper
    To holler, “Huzzah, it’s your day!”
    So here’s to a yearful
    Of days that are cheerful
    And a properly Hopperly birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Luik! Alex and you share this special day and we’re sending lots of well wishes and lovin’ your way!

  • Jillene

    Happy Birthday Luik from the Narraway Clan. Especially from Isaiah (who just turned 2 late last month) though you two haven’t met since you have been on “the outside” 🙂 He saw Luik’s picture with candles and said “Happy Birthday” and tried to blow out the candles on the computer screen.

  • My how time flies! Happy Birthday Goo!

  • Happy Birthday Cookie Man!! Aunt Kelly loves you soooooooo much! MUAH!

  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Man! Nice picture dad!

  • Happhy Birthday Luik!

  • Leah Stockholm

    Aww Luik!
    Happy birthday 🙂

  • Dude. I know you’re a health nut and all, but come on! It’s his birthday and he gets a frickin’ PLAIN WAFFLE?! Send him to my place so he can get some home-made frosting on that baby. At least some confection sugar.

  • 🙂 Luik is a special little guy! Hope he had a wonderful brithday!!

  • HAHAHA loving the waffle with candles, how original. Happy birthday Luik!

  • Chris Losinger

    Happy birthday goo. Last I heard you were being born. Hey, I have seen what suger can do to a child. Makes them wild. However, have some dignity and supply him with a slice of hevenly cake.

  • Happy Birthday, Goo-ster!

    Uncle Wayne
    (uh, that’d be the uncle you’ve never met)

  • Thanks so much everyone! What a treat! He had so many different people sing him Happy Birthday, I think that he thinks this is supposed to happen everyday! lol

    Bless you all!