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mooney · 16 Dec ’08 at 12:08 pm

Very cool CH. I listened yesterday and today, but hearing the same 20 seconds of the same song 50 times in a row is wearing on me. I’ll check back in later, maybe you will be on the next song.


Christopher Hopper · 16 Dec ’08 at 12:14 pm

No you know why musicians hate their music so much…and why mixing is so demanding!


Mandee · 16 Dec ’08 at 6:44 pm

Loved the dance and the bear today! Haha. Hey, after you guys all left I ran across a website to drive more hits to your blog. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of it before, but check it out.


Christopher Hopper · 17 Dec ’08 at 10:30 am

Thanks Mandee…checking out the link now. Never heard of it. (And I’ll try and keep Dancing Bear under control today).


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