This week I had the amazing privilege to speak at Wiley Middle School in Watertown to over 300 5th graders yesterday morning and over 300 6th graders this morning. What a blast! The subject was bullying, and how to confront them and then make them your friends. All bullies, after all, are in need of real friends because inside they are insecure, unstable, and afraid…they just act tough on the outside. We talked about standing together, sticking up for your friends, and even delved into the amazing world of what I call “crazy kindness” which is doing kind things for bullies, like buying them lunch or inviting them to your family’s house for dinner…ya’ know, stuff that really freaks bullies out.

I also had a lot of help from the DIBOR Step Team, and three stories from our DIBOR Disciples as well: one was a skit by Chrystelle, one was a story from Joe who experienced being thrown in a trash can, and Melinda who once was a bully! It was a very rich experience and we really felt like we connected with the kids and the teachers. God is continuing to open amazing doors for us here in northern NY, especially in the public school system.

The last bit of music news has to do with our gig in Jamestown, NY with JumpStart Generation tomorrow night at 7:00pm which we’re leaving for right after worship at 33 Live tonight. If you live in that area, please come on out and worship the Lord with us as we partner with the local area churches, Out of The Box Ministries, and Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.

And first thing Friday morning, Jennifer and I will be flying out to Seattle to join seven other authors and ground crew to embark upon the highly anticipated Fantasy Fiction Tour 2008 West Coast! If you haven’t check out the website lately, please do. I’m really looking forward to meeting all our fans in Washington, Oregon and California, and stoked to be traveling with all my author pals. We’ll be doing presentations at book stores, public and private schools, even a few TV and newspaper interviews, including an exclusive interview with TBN! We’ll also be streaming each event live onto the website, three times a day via Mogulus onto our Watch Live! page. You can even send us instant messages and ask questions that we’ll answer live! And when we’re not airing something live, you can watch re-runs of the tour’s daily video journals, so please travel along with us! This last picture is of me trying on my tour outfit. All our medieval swords and various pieces of garb and armor have once again been graciously provided by John Cooper over at Real Armor of God (.com). Please pay them a visit here and purchase something for the sword lover you know!

Thanks for reading, for all your prayers and encouragement, and for following along with us on this next tour!



Ian · 2 Oct ’08 at 7:03 pm

I’ve experienced being thrown AGAINST a trash can…never in one….but that was when I got into a fight with a friend who was quite a lot stronger than me.

Yeah, I can see those things kind of freaking a bully out. 🙂 Sounds like you had a good time!

Are you going to be coming on the Abbotsford stop???

the lion hearted · 3 Oct ’08 at 1:39 am

Hey! Have fun on the tour! I’m praying for all of you. Awesome outfit!!!!

mooney · 3 Oct ’08 at 3:13 pm

regarding the bottom pic, *insert inappropriate Space Balls “Schwartz” quote here*. lol

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