I left the Eric Peters post up for a week now in the hopes that it would get a lot of prime face time on my site. If you haven’t read about his project, or taken the opportunity to invest in it, please do so right now.

As a post-Fantasy Fiction Tour followup idea we had–no one wanting the festivities of tour-life to end–we decided to take the next eight Mondays and feature each author on our websites. It is of course a little redundant, thinking that if you don’t know every one’s names by now then you must be a newbie to my site; but then again that’s the reason why I’m doing this. If you haven’t heard of Wayne, then allow me to introduce you.

Short of being an outstanding author with well over 100,000 books in print, Wayne Thomas Batson is also a husband, father, school teacher…and a devoted friend. I really can’t say enough about the guy without risking the error of flattery. But one thing is for sure–something I can say about each and every author on the Tour–that he’s the real deal. That’s important. Because if I could know for sure the quality of individual that pens the pages of the books my children read, that I would be much quicker to invest in them.

Authors, musicians, painters, poets and the like all create out of themselves. We are moved by our own life-experiences and allow them to breathe into our work. In the end, you are getting “life as interpreted by the artist.” So when you read Rise of The Dibor, you are getting a little bit of Christopher Hopper. When you read The Door Within, you are getting a little bit of Wayne Thomas Batson. I think that is one reason why people are so enamored with celebrities, especially actors. As film most dynamically connects an audience to the media (sight and sound), people feel as if they actually know the actors. Of course it’s very limited and superficial in most cases, but I believe their is still an impartation, if even on a spiritual level.

As personal practice, I always tend to consciously keep my guard up whenever I see a movie, aware of scenes and songs that try and compromise my integrity. Granted, I try and get as much foreknowledge as possible, but there are elements that even the sharpest critics won’t pick up because they are incidents that know one else would ever think of; they are proprietary to my life experiences.

So being able to actually know where an artist is coming from, what moves them, and what they think life should be like, is of paramount importance if you want to move beyond the shallowest of compliments, “I think it’s cool.” What are their core beliefs and what are you receiving when you receive their art into your life?

This, of course, is the long way around of telling you by what measure I judge art: not on the art alone, but on the artist as an individual. And Wayne would not be my friend if he did not have full marks. He is one of the most caring and kind souls I have ever met (despite his ferocity with a long sword), and that translates into love for his wife, his children, and the students he pours his life out for everyday. He truly has a tender heart and huge dose of creativity, two things I admire greatly.

Lastly, his devotion to the Lord is humbling. Quick to say he doesn’t “get it all,” and easy with sharing his faults, Wayne is 24 carat in his faith. No pretenses. No guile. He is a broken man in need of a Mighty God, something that the Lord obviously cherishes. For when we are weak, He is strong, and a broken and contrite spirit God will not despise.

If nothing else, you have to at least love his pirate costume!

Thanks for being my friend, Sir Wayne. Never alone…



Kait · 20 Oct ’08 at 2:50 pm

I love WTB’s writing! He does such a wonderful job (at least on everything I’ve read). He’s also a nice guy – I don’t know him like you do, but from a fan-to-author way, he totally exceeds my expectations!

Ps. Love the new layout – it’s awesome!

Christopher Hopper · 20 Oct ’08 at 2:54 pm

Thanks for posting, Kait! And glad you like the new lay-out; appreciate you saying so.


Wayne Thomas Batson · 20 Oct ’08 at 3:12 pm

Thanks for the kind words and the face time on your blog, Sir Christopher. I second the Great New Lay Out! Coolness times 3. I’m humbled to be your swordbrother.

PS: And don’t let Sir Christopher fool you. He’s might adept with a blade as well. By the way, my finger is all but totally healed now. 😉

Ryan Paige Howard · 20 Oct ’08 at 3:25 pm

What a nice post Christopher Hopper! You can tell you guys are really good friends.

I also have my guard up when it comes to movies, tv shows, and books. (This, of course, is the long way around of telling you by what measure I judge art: not on the art alone, but on the artist as an individual.) To tell you the truth I do the same thing and I did it to both of you. I liked you guys way before I bought your books. I saw two strong Christian warriors who loved God with all their heart and dearly loved their families.

The Door Within Trilogy, what beautiful books they are. Not only are they fun to read, but they also teach you the wonders of a God’s love. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13
Thank you Wayne Thomas Batson for writing these beautiful books and sharing them with all of us. May God always bless you and your family.

P.S. I did read your post on Eric Peters and visited The Rabbit Room. It’s awesome what he’s doing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Famille Lachance/Sureau · 20 Oct ’08 at 4:00 pm

Ah, if ’twas not for valiant Sir Wayne, then our grateful family would never have known mighty Sir Christopher at all!
For this we shall forever be truly thankful…and we pray, please Lord just once, can BOTH these swordsmen come to OUR neighborhood!? Our brave swordmaiden Juliette awaits this day with great anticipation!

Christopher Hopper · 20 Oct ’08 at 6:24 pm

Wayne: Trust me, the pleasure is all mine.

Ryan: You totally rock, woman! Thanks for the encouraging words. And I’m stoked that you liked the RR and all Eric is doing. Thanks for your patronage.

Sureau’s: We’ll see what we can do. If we can create enough of a stir in Rochester, string a few events together, then I think we can attract Sir Wayne. Like a bear to honey! Bugs to a light bulb! Rabbits to carrots! Cats to catnip! Horses to oats! Deer to wheat! Slugs to…

…hmmm, I have no idea what slugs go to. Whatever the opposite of salt is.



wayne thomas batson · 20 Oct ’08 at 10:34 pm

Perhaps, if our next “project” goes the way we hope/pray/plan it will, we might have to tour together a nice run between upstate NY and Maryland might be cool. As God wills.

Never alone.


PS: Slugs are definitely attracted to sidewalks and driveways at night, usually just before I go out to the car barefoot.

PPS: Wait a minute, are you comparing me to a slug?

PPPS: If you are, can I be one of the cute, singing ones like in “Flushed Away?”

PPPPS: I most certainly did not switch swords with you! I even checked to make sure I got the one with the rattling blade. Uhm…I’m pretty sure. It wasn’t on purpose anyway. I just got my sword in the mail, but I haven’t opened it yet. I think…I’d better check.

Shane Deal · 21 Oct ’08 at 2:16 am

Upstate New York Tour to Maryland? Nice idea. If the project is what I think it is, I’ll definitely keep it in my prayers.

S.D. Smith · 21 Oct ’08 at 11:42 am

Come to West Virginia on the tour and I’m pretty sure my son could take you guys with his sword. He’s King Robin Hood, so, that oughtta scare you. And scare you. As it has me. All over my hands.

Mandee · 21 Oct ’08 at 2:21 pm

Christopher…I haven’t been on your blog in a while…let me just say that you have the coolest layout ever! 🙂

Ian · 21 Oct ’08 at 11:49 pm

Knowing the author of art really does affect the value of art itself..of course, the art gives a glimpse into the author’s mind, and that is why there are some sequels and series that I am hesitant to watch/read.

I really had no choice but to hear about both of you guys before buying your books…I found out about them through your blogs! And of course, I MET Mr. Hopper as I was buying his book, so I couldn’t exactly help getting a major glimpse of what he was like 🙂 Either way, I really like both of you guys, and your character is definitely portrayed through your awesome books!

P.S. Btw, there’s a neat story involving one of your books that I wrote about on my blog. 🙂

P.P.S. I MIGHT be in a minority here, but I kind of liked the old layout…


mooney · 22 Oct ’08 at 12:11 am

CH – you’d be a great eulgoogilizer. I feel as though I have met Sir Wayne by reading your introduction. One day, we shall meet face to face, so I can confirm all that you have written as my own.

SIR WAYNE – It was great seeing you on the tour via webcam. Thanks for answering our many questions.

wayne thomas batson · 22 Oct ’08 at 6:22 pm

Hey, Mooney

I look forward to meeting you as well.


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