Hey gang! Check out the first two video journals we just put up for the tour (below). The events have been fantastic! We’ve met hundreds of people already and have been completely overwhelmed by everyone’s excitement for this incredible tour. Just finished two events in Sacramento today and I have a live TV interview tomorrow morning with Donita K. Paul in Fresno. Keep us all in your prayers!


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Video Journal – Kick Off – 10.03.08 – Abbotsford, BC
The tour kicks off at an amazing event in Abbotsford, BC.

Video Journal – Day 1 – 10.04.08 – Seattle, WA
The authors storm Seattle, WA signing books, swinging swords, and even causing a car accident!


Famille Lachance/Sureau · 7 Oct ’08 at 11:43 am

What scares me is the swordfight…between…let’s see…is that Luik and Captain Valithor?? Worlds collide! Yikes!
And the battle created chaos in the streets! a car wreck thanks to the big boys in capes…yeah, that would have been me hitting the car ahead while watching the swashbuckling on the sidewalk.
We are all wishing we were there SO much it hurts.
Do we get to see the TBN clip on here at some point? When will it air?
Amusez-vous bien!!

La famille Lachance/Sureau · 7 Oct ’08 at 4:33 pm

WHOA!! Amazing swashbuckling going on there, gents! Is that Captain Valithor and Luik (Alleble and Dionia colliding!)or Inigo Montoya and The Man In Black??
Car accident, eh? That would have been me rubbernecking to check out the valiant knights!
We wish we were there so bad it hurts!! Juliette keeps moaning every time we look at the videos or photos. It is killing her to miss it all.
But don’t hurt each other out there, boys, we need you in one piece!
Continue on and “have fun stormin’ the castle!”
On t’aime!!

Christopher Hopper · 9 Oct ’08 at 12:17 am

LOL We’ve been quoting The Princess Bride all day! Love you guys!


Alassiel · 11 Oct ’08 at 6:47 pm

I love the music on the kick-off video! What music is it?

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