It seems I just can’t escape Microsoft, even after throwing every PC in my house and office in a dumpster or passing virus laden units on to family. (I know, nice, right?)

For some reason I thought the XBox 360 would be different. Maybe I thought, “It’s just a gaming console, how hard is it to mess that up?” And then last night I went to play a quick session of Vegas 6 before going to sleep and, zing…

The Red Rings of Death.

I suppose a Blue Screen of Death would have been too much of a throw back. (Does anyone else see a trend here?)

For all those wanting to hear from an expert exactly what’s happening to over 30% of all XBox 360s (ummm…that’s one out of every three units purchased), I thought I’d pass along this handy article. It really doesn’t help you do anything about your faulty unit, but it at last tells you like it is…which is pretty bleak. Instead of a poor operating system or a virus prone internet browser, now they just went cheap on everything from CPUs to soldering joints. Oh, and they never spent enough time designing a proper heat sync system to handle the units high output. Oh, and they–

–never mind. Just read the article.

In all fairness, my latest iMac just had to go in for repair (something my Senior Pastor got a kick out of; we have an ongoing PC vs. Mac battle of wits), proving nothing is sacred when it comes to electronics. But at least with Apple, they actually replaced my refurbished iMac with a brand spanking new one. For free. That’s way better than Microsoft’s $140 service charge (plus shipping both ways) to fix my 360. Despite all their flaws, this leaves me with only one conclusion:

You can’t compare Apples and…

…is there another computing platform?



Shane Deal · 9 Aug ’08 at 12:25 pm

Oh that’s a bummer. I use PlayStation 2 for my video gaming, I know, I know, that’s so old school…

Macs rock. Though I’ve never had any problems requiring repair with them. One of our PCs decided to start smoking not too long ago so I can’t quite say the same for them.

Marty · 10 Aug ’08 at 8:42 am

hahaha…. i just bought a new Notebook: a HP with Windows Vista… i dont like Vista and after this year working with you and the church-mac you nearly had me there buying a Mac, BUT in Germany the service isnt that great yet. apple is not that big as in America – we dont have so many things to connect a mac with! …

but anyways: Yeah! there is another nice little operating platform which many of my friends tried before (and its pretty neat!): LINUX!!!
check this out:
the cool thing: it is FREE OF CHARGE and has many cool little tools.
check it out and be happy!
cya in a while!
Marty =)

Christopher Hopper · 10 Aug ’08 at 7:58 pm

Shane: Smoking PCs, eh? I’ll have to tell my pastor (…evil laugh…)

Marty: Nice to hear from you, bud! Sorry Apple isn’t big in Germany yet…we’ll change all that, eh? Linux is what most people consider the TRUE OS. I believe it’s what Apple is based on, so, yeah! Rock on Linux! Love you bro!


Shane Deal · 11 Aug ’08 at 2:26 am

Apple’s Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is however more of a branch of UNIX while Linux is a clone of UNIX. So I guess Mac OS X would be more like a cousin to Linux.

Geek moment. 😀

Jason Clement · 11 Aug ’08 at 3:33 am

You shoulda bought a PS3… what’s the matter with you?!?!

Ironically… check out what was powering the XBOX 360 demos before they were released (look at the bottom pic)

Mandee · 12 Aug ’08 at 9:53 am

Haha, what IS it with PC people? *grins* I am always defending my wonderful Apple products to them, and they’re always telling me what a PC can do that a Mac can’t. Even after my iPhone died, I still stuck with Apple (they sent me a new one:). I’m just one minded when it comes to Apple vs. PC, I guess.

Ryan Paige Howard · 12 Aug ’08 at 10:13 pm

Have you ever tried Nintendo? They are so much fun and hard to kill. Supposable you can drop them out a window and they won’t break. I still have the Super Nintendo(I think that’s the first one they made)it’s twenty years old(that’s older than me)and it still works. I also have the Nintendo 64 and the Game Cube. Both work great and have been used to death. Their graphics are not as good as the Playstation and Xbox, but most of their games are family friendly, clean, and fun.

I hope you find a PC that stays alive.

Bye For Now,
Ryan Paige Howard >

Kevin Zoll · 17 Aug ’08 at 9:58 pm

You just couldn’t stay away from MS could you. You should have said get behind me Satan.

My whole business model relies on the flakiness of all things Microsoft.

Bit · 19 Aug ’08 at 7:45 am

Totally agreed, Christopher…and as Marty stated, some may try to argue Linux, but there really is no comparison…!

mooney · 21 Aug ’08 at 4:15 pm

“Red Rings Of Death” sounds like one of those lame-o teen slasher flicks. You get the red rings of death on you X-box, four days later you die!

– mooney

Jason · 26 Aug ’08 at 11:35 am

I’m totally with you, I received the red rings of death about 4 months ago and just haven’t bothered sending it in yet. It’s hard to support a system that only has a select few games that influence it’s purchase. I wanted Halo 3. I got it but now I can’t play it. So much for blasting alien scum!!!

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