Well, my good friend Wayne Thomas Batson is at it again! In preparing to launch his newest release, Isle of Fire (out nationwide this fall), he’s come up with an outlandish and ingenious way of involving people with the promotion of his books: a Treasure Hunt. And only one words comes to mind: Fun.

From snapping pics in book stores to making posters, scouring other peoples’ blogs for clues, posting videos on YouTube, writing reviews on your own blog, even inviting friends on the West Coast to the Fantasy Fiction Tour 2008, this is one exciting rip-roaring adventure!

I know many of you may not have time for such “absurdities,” but I can honestly say that if I didn’t already own his books, or have a relationship with him, (or was involved with the plans of Treasure Hunt myself! Shhhh!), I would be doing all of this, earning as many points as I could! I give him mad props for creating a fantastic adventure for his fans.

Now, knowing me like I do, I can’t help but get in on the action. So, I’m going offer 10 CH Bonus Points to anyone that tells a friend about the Treasure Hunt through my blog (Yes, Sir Wayne just OK’d the idea and will credit them to your account when you sign up for the contest! See his site for details).

To qualify, you must first email your friend about the contest. It can’t be a mass mail. It must be individual emails and your friend must respond, like “thanks, will check it out,” or “sweet! I just joined!” (yes, this is the honor system). Then write a comment here on this post telling me which friend(s) you successfully contacted (first name and last initial, ex: Lisa K.). You will get 10 points for every friend you refer!

Well done, Wayne! Happy hunting all! Arrrrrrgh!



cameron · 11 Jul ’08 at 3:43 pm

My name is cameron and i would gladly like to join your treasure hunt.

cameron · 11 Jul ’08 at 3:43 pm

wow so the answer to WTB’s quetion would be that christopher hopper ran into a couple who traveled the world taking photographs and art. im guesting that the3 thing that was so distinctive about them was how they were two very welcoming people and that made them so distiinctive.

cameron · 11 Jul ’08 at 3:53 pm

the people they met are Simon and Lisa Thomas. The are distinctive because of thier world record of 105,000 miles and because of thier stunning photographs from across the world.

Kayla · 12 Jul ’08 at 5:23 pm

Sent a message and got a response from Beth G, who I’ve also got started reading your books.

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