Because I’m teaching at 10am and 7pm everyday this week in France, my time for blogging is slightly limited. For all those following our trip and praying for us, we landed safely on Friday and had a great weekend. Saturday we participated in a beautiful wedding and Sunday we were at our French home church. I also got to go play paint ball with all the guys from the discipleship school in a fort circa 1875! Talk about cool! I’ll be speaking all this week for EDEN and then preaching and teaching at the “Raidikal for Jesus” youth conference next weekend.

Although this single day’s post is far from what I normally put in to a CSFF Blog Tour post, it does not by any means speak against the writings of this month’s highlighted author. Of all our guests, I truly wish I had more time to invest…bummer it falls at an awkward time for me. Donita K. Paul is not only a gifted and notable author–she is a true “mom” in the writing and teaching world. In the same way I still keep in touch with my high school English teach, Mrs. Grace, I know I would treat Donita the same way (and kinda’ do anyways!).

Her latest book, DragonLight, has just hit shelves and if you’re a fan of fantasy, do yourself a favor and just go buy it. Trust me. But know that you’re reading lines penned from a wonderful, Godly woman of the faith. I tend to think of her as the “Christian Momma’ o’ Fiction.”

I first met Donita in 2006 while participating in a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in Denver. I can’t tell you too much about that day (other than meeting Wayne Batson and Bryan Davis, too!), but I can tell you I was touched by her instant love for me and Jennifer. Genuine to the core. She just leaked love and care. And she has been nothing but kind since that day.

It’s obviously an honor to have her on the Fantasy Fiction Tour this fall–something she had wanted to do last summer with us, but was unable to do so because of health reasons. She stands out to me as one of the pioneers of modern Christian fiction…as a pace setter.

Please have a look around her site, pick up her book on Amazon, and see what everyone else is saying about her below.

Thanks for reading, and for your continued prayers while we’re over seas.


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Terri Main · 21 Jul ’08 at 5:27 pm

Enjoy your trip. I am a bit ambivalent about this book. I enjoyed reading it somewhat, but it’s general shallowness made me think that it is much more suited for a teen audience than an adult one. I think a teenage girl interested in fantasy would make this their favorite book for the week.

For me, it was a fun read. But as I say in my blog, it’s more Disney than Spielberg.


Rebecca LuElla Miller · 21 Jul ’08 at 10:55 pm

Love the post, Christopher. The personal stories are great, I think. I appreciate you taking time out of your traveling/speaking to participate in the tour. You rock, my friend. (Pun intended. 😉 )


Marty · 22 Jul ’08 at 8:30 am

Congratulations DADDY 😉
I’m excited to be with you guys around March/April next year 😉

Christopher Hopper · 23 Jul ’08 at 3:25 am

Terri: Thanks for commenting. Appreciate your evaluation and think your Disney vs. Spielberg analogy was creative!

Becky: Love the pun. Thanks. 😉

Marty: Great to hear from you! Thanks for the congrats. Send me your mobile # so I can text you in Germany while we’re here.


nissa-amas-katoj · 24 Jul ’08 at 12:00 am

Boy are you dedicated, to be posting from France. And congratulations on the upcoming Blessed Event!

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