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Mandee · 8 Jun ’08 at 12:36 am


I have a new post up on my blog, you should read it. It’s a sneak peek of an article for the next issue of Bit & Bridle, written by a youth leader from Ohio. Very well put together and heart-felt, thought you might enjoy it. She’s a great writer and I barely have to edit her stuff, hehe.

Also…seems God had a different idea for my book that I was starting to write. I was leaning towards a mystery/thriller/fantasy sort of thing, but I got this, like, revelation I guess you could say for something else. Totally different twist. Totally. In fact it’s not even going to be fiction!! But I think it will be good. We’ll have to catch up sometime so I can tell you all about it.

Love ya man!!


Deana Madigan · 10 Jun ’08 at 10:21 pm

Chris, I was talking to your Dad and he said you could give me the names of some churches like Reach Out that a friend of mine would like to seek out in Rochester. She is presently a Catholic, but I had given her a brief run down of the presence of the Lord in a spirit filled church and she wants names, can you help me?
Also Brooke told me tonight that she knows why God doesn’t always answer us back when we pray to Him, it’s because He is waiting ’cause it’s a surprise!!!-HOW SWEET!
Just thought I’d share that sweet talk she had with our King! Hugs to Jenny and the kids–Deana

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