It’s an overcast but warm Friday morning here in Depauville. I’m getting ready to head out to pay a visit to the Dibor Students who are serving for two weeks at an inner-city mission called The Steps in downtown Buffalo. There time of service there is part of their continuing education at Dibor and is meant to stretch them and open their eyes to the plight of their fellow man, breeding a heart of true compassion for those in need.

As I pulled in to the church this morning I came upon a fantastic sight that I couldn’t help but snap a quick picture of. Pastor David Hayner was sitting on the tailgate of his truck reading the Word. As a retired Army soldier, he is in charge of PT for Dibor, and he had just finished the morning’s exercises. With the American flag hanging overhead, this picture was too perfect to pass up.



Shane Deal · 6 Jun ’08 at 1:00 pm

Cool. Retired army guys tend to be rather cool… One of my friends is a retired drill sergeant. In fact we’ll be heading over to his and his family’s house this afternoon… 😀 Not sure if he’ll be there, probably not. They’re great folks.

mooney · 10 Jun ’08 at 10:17 pm

dude, we have to get you doing PT. It rocks! Well, it rocks during the stretching, then it pretty much sucks until you feel like like dying. That’s the first ten minutes!

– mooney

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