Well, folks, this wraps up this month’s edition of the CSFF Blog Tour. I hoped you’ve gleaned something from my interview with Kathryn and really hope you’ll go out and purchase one of her amazing books for either yourself or someone you know. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Interview with Kathryn Mackel – Part 3

CH: If you even have time to read yourself, do you have any favorite authors?

KM: I worry about mentioning favorite authors because I don’t want to leave anyone out. So I’ll mention some authors whose books are a must-read for me. Angela Hunt, Nancy Rue, Eric Wilson on the CBA side. On the secular side, I make sure I buy any Jonathan Kellerman and John Sandford book on the market. If you can get by the profanity (and there’s a lot), Sanford’s Prey books are great models for novelists.

CH: Would you mind sharing a noteworthy testimony about how your writing has influenced someone’s life?

KM: A retired couple with significant health issues told me that my books helped them “get away” from their problems. A group of teenagers formed a Birthright club and modeled on the principles of the books and characters. But the most heart-warming responses I’ve heard from readers came with The Hidden. Many readers who had been abused as a child found the message of forgiveness and opening one’s heart to God a powerful step in their own healing. And this is what our fiction is all about. We write in different genres and styles, but if we can open God’s glory to just one reader, we have been blessed.

CH: What can we expect from you in the future? Any clues on the next Christian Chiller? Or are we headed in a different direction?

KM: I’m working on a YA Science Fiction right now, and preparing Darkening (book 2 of the Vanished series) for release.

More importantly—much more importantly—I am studying about the International Justice Mission, the horrific abuse of children by sex traffickers and in slavery, and praying the Lord will allow me to write a novel to illustrate the tremendous need in this world, and the amazing work that organizations like the International Justice Mission do.

CH: Thanks again, Kathryn! I really appreciate your time and willingness to share some insights into your writing and a behind the scenes look into a little bit of your life. We’ll be praying for your continued success!

KM: Christopher, thank you for hosting me. And many thanks to all the bloggers who support our work. I can’t say that enough—I praise God for you all.


Rebecca LuElla Miller · 25 Jun ’08 at 4:46 pm

Great questions, Christopher. That really makes an interview, I’m discovering. Yours is unique from the others on the tour, which is great for us who visit–we get to learn that much more about Kathy.


Tina · 25 Jun ’08 at 8:14 pm

You did a great job on the questions for this interview Christopher! Thanks for your hard work and for helping us to get to know one talented lady.

Christopher Hopper · 26 Jun ’08 at 9:29 am

Thanks again, ladies!


Mandee · 30 Jun ’08 at 11:36 pm

I absolutely LOVE Kathryn Mackel. She’s been on my list of favorite authors for a while now. Great great stuff!

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