In Raleigh, NC with the Fantasy Tour

Jennifer and I have been going non-stop since arriving in Atlanta, with hardly any time (or availability) to post online. Since finishing up at ICRS (formerly CBA) in downtown Atlanta, we have been covering a lot of ground with the Fantasy Fiction Tour.

Wednesday we left Georgia and presented at a homeschooling group in Manchester, TN. It was great to connect with such warm families. Then we drove north to Nashville and did a wonderful signing at Borders on West End Ave. We had many wonderful people stop by, all very supportive of the books. We also had a special guest drop by, known affectionately in the Hopper clan as Uncle Phil Keaggy. He even humored us with an interview. Look for it in the “DAY 3” video re-cap. My senior editor, Jodie Nazaroff, and her husband, Michael, housed us. We love you!

The next morning, we headed to Knoxville and hit three stores: Borders, Lifeway and Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore (see “DAY 4” part 1). From there we drove west and finished the day at the Barnes & Noble in Asheville, NC. We even had sword combat lessons from a wonderful lady right in front of the store, which drew a good crowd! (Coming tomorrow on “DAY 4” part 2). Our dear friends Shannon & Sherri McCready housed us that night.

Today we drove to Charlotte, NC and presented in Barnes & Noble. Both Wayne and Bryan were presented with gifts from the reads, including a painting, a song, and a 100-page manuscript! Then we headed north to Raleigh and had a fantastic event in Borders. Tonight we’re staying with my long-time friends Pete & Donna Nero here in Raleigh. We just got done swimming in their beautiful pool and we’re hitting the hay. Tomorrow we’re up bright and early and heading to Richmond, VA.

Thanks for reading, and please make sure to hit Wayne’s, Bryan’s and Sharon’s blogs as well as the Fantasy Fiction Tour main site for the new videos at:



  • mooney

    schweet! glad to see things are moving along for you all. try to get some zzzs when you can. Love you both!

    – the mooneys

  • Nice video! Nice accent! anyways, see you tommorrow at Family Christian!