• Millard

    Here we are 🙂

  • SilverAngel


  • Chris

    aha! I have found something!

  • EaglesWings

    hhmmm.. interesting

  • Goldarrow

    What is this? I have been looking for 1 minute and found something but I don’t know what…

  • Might Arrow

    is berinfell the answer because i think it is but i am not sure

  • I tried it. *bangs head* Goldarrow, that’s exactly how I feel.

  • I’ve searched the site…. how do you find it?!?!?? i’d love some tips on how to find it…

  • Autumn

    wahoo! I found it, oh yes!

  • is berinfell the answer?

  • Baleigh

    I think I be in the right place.

  • Elven Princess

    hmmm… Well Berinfill is right there on this page… I wonder what the question mark is for….

  • ahah! found something!

  • Pathfinder

    oh, yeah!!!!! I FOUND THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • silverteeth

    augh!!! immense pain for not figuring this out 😛 is it berinfell?

  • GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO!!!!!!! i cannot find it!

  • Flying Falcon

    HELP!!!! I’m so terribly confused!!!! :O I neeeeeeed desperate hints!!! Is ‘berinfell’ the answer?

  • Lady Adelaide

    Ugh..I can’t find anything really. Is it berinfell 2010? But where do I put the passcode?

  • Trinel Silvertree

    berinfell 2010 is as far as I got, and I have no idea where to type it in ither…oh bother! I must say Mr.Hopper, you and WTB are terribly good at making one work for information 🙂